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2015-2016 Evelyn Rawski

Evelyn Rawski


Distinguished University Professor, History, University of Pittsburgh 

“Moving from Nation to Region: China in Northeast Asian History” 

In this lecture, Professor Rawski recounts her recent attempt to incorporate China into regional and world history, and in the process review the different historical perspectives from which Chinese history has been viewed, both in “traditional” and modern times. The talk concludes with a brief survey of current developments in history writing, and their linkage to contemporary geopolitics in Asia. 

Evelyn S. Rawski holds a Ph.D. in History and Far Eastern Languages from Harvard University and is currently Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Pittsburgh. She has published books on sixteenth and eighteenth-century Chinese agricultural development, elementary literacy, and the emperors and imperial institutions of the Qing dynasty, which ruled China from 1644 to 1911. She has co-edited conference volumes on popular culture, Chinese death ritual, and ritual music, and co-authored a book on eighteenth-century Chinese society.  Her most recent book, Early Modern China and Northeast Asia: Cross-Border Perspectives uses Chinese, Japanese, and Korean primary sources and secondary literature to analyze China’s geopolitical, diplomatic, and cultural relationships with Japan and Korea in the 1500-1800 period.