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Annotated Japanese Literary Gems

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This collection makes available representative examples of annotated Japanese short stories and novellas from Meiji to the present. The collection provides rubi for nearly all kanji at first use. With its extensive annotations, the collection serves as a resource for students of modern Japanese literature and may also be used as an intermediate to advanced language text. The volumes are printed Japanese-style, with pages ordered from right to left.

Volume One

Stories by Tawada Yōko

  • Readers on a Train
  • A Dictionary Village
  • A Town Called Z

Stories by Hayashi Kyoko

  • My Friend

Stories by Akagami Kenji

  • Trees and Grass


  • Yōko Tawada (多和田葉子) is a Japanese writer who writes both in Japanese and German.  
  • Kyoko Hayashi was born in Nagasaki, the third in a family of four daughters, but lived most of her first 14 years in Shanghai, where her father worked for a trading company. Along with her experience of the atomic bomb, her memories of Shanghai have proved fertile ground for her writings. (source: wikipedia) 

Volume Two

Stories by Natsumi Soseki

  • Dreams: Ten Nights

Stories by Tomioka Taeko

  • Darkness Atop the Slope

Stories by Inoue Yasushi

  • The Tears of Priest Gyoga"


  • Natsume Sōseki, pseudonym of Natsume Kinnosuke was an outstanding Japanese novelist of the Meiji period and the first to ably depict the plight of the alienated modern Japanese intellectual. (source:

  • Tomioka Taeko is an award-winning Japanese writer and translator. (source: wikipedia)

  • Yasushi Inoue (井上 靖) was a Japanese writer of poetry, essays, short fiction, and novels. (source: Wikipedia)