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CCCC Fall 2017

Guolong Lai

Associate Professor of Chinese Art and Archaeology, University of Florida

“Excessive Cult or Proper Ritual? Religious Boundaries and Imperial Politics as seen from a Shanghai Manuscript〈柬大王泊旱

September 8, 2017

Jeffrey Tharsen

University of Chicago Research Computing Center, University Lead Computational Scientist for the Digital Humanities

"The Bells of Liang Qi 梁其鐘 : a Musical Reading of a 9th-century BCE Chinese Bronze Inscription"

September 29, 2017

Steven Miles

Associate Professor of History, Washington University in St. Louis

"Cantonese Migrant Networks: Two Stone Inscriptions from the West River Basin 粵東會館甲申年創造垻頭碑記 (1765) and 重建粵東會館碑記 (1788)"

October 20, 2017

Robin McNeal

Associate Professor of Asian Studies, Cornell University

"A Ming Dynasty Inscription on the Sublime Relationship between Humans and Spirits at the Lingqiu Temple at Fajiu Mountain, Zhangzi county, Changzhi, Shanxi 明嘉靖九年(1530)重修靈湫廟記神神人人之事:山西長治長子縣發鳩山的靈湫廟碑文"

November 17, 2017