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CEAS Nō Collection

Noh Yam Kuse

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A world of gratitude is offered to the founding editors of the Cornell East Asia Series and their contemporaries whose love of Nō has resulted in a substantial volume of Nō publications produced by the Cornell East Asia Series. The growing collection is also made possible by scholars and experts on Noh who continue to share generously their interest by producing quality research and in-depth studies in the field of Nō. For a list of publications on Nō studies, please click on the list of titles on the leftside menu. For an in-depth study and exposure to elements of Nō, please visit the Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center (JPARC).





FREE ONLINE introduction to Nō. Begin with the following works:
Dance Noh Theater Cover

1. Dance in the Noh Theater by Monica Bethe and Karen Brazell. This work presents a comprehensive analysis of the fundamentals of Nō dance, its structure and patterns, and their correlation to music, text, costumes and props. Originally published in three interconnected volumes, it elucidates the inner workings of Nō dance on many levels. Monumenta Nipponica calls it "a landmark in English language noh studies."

  • Volume 1 Dance Analysis presents detailed and systemic discussion of No dance
  • Volume 2 Plays and Scores provides illustrative examples
  • Volume 3 Dance Patterns gives detailed comparative description of the fundamental vocabulary of No dance as executed by two different schools of acting, the Kita and the Kanze. 

No as Performance cover

2. Also available is Nō As Performance: An Analysis of the Kuse Scene of Yamanba by Monica Bethe and Karen Brazell for viewing and download.