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East Asia Program Media

Welcome to East Asia Program's Media page. Enjoy recent media produced over the last semester. And don't forget to visit our other media archives: the EAP Vimeo channel for excerpts and full lecture videos from fall 2019 and previous years, and the eCommons EAP collections for videos, occasional papers, and free online CEAS books. 

East Asia Conversations

Spanish Manila: The First American Chinatown a talk by Evelyn Hu-deHart

"Spanish Manila:  A Transpacific Maritime Enterprise and First American Chinatown in the Ming Dynasty" was the title of a lecture given by Evelyn Hu-deHart, History, Brown University on October 23, 2019.  This talk was hosted by the East Asia Program (EAP) and co-hosted by the Society for the Humanities as well as the Latin American Studies Program (LASP) as part of their East-Asia-Latin-America lecture series.

Introduction audio by Director of the East Asia Program, Andrea Bachner

Introduction audio by Derek S. Chang, Associate Professor of History 

Abstract: The Spanish Empire not only spanned the Atlantic from Europe to the New World of the Americas, but also extended across the Pacific to Manila of Las Filipinas.  The ensuing Manila Galleon Trade from Acapulco, Mexico to Manila spanning 250 years constituted the first modern globalization. Not only goods, but people flowed both ways across the Pacific, beginning in the mid-16th century, the Ming Dynasty.  The Chinese community of Spanish Manila also signaled the beginning of the Chinese diaspora, spreading to the rest of Southeast Asia and the Pacific and to the Americas.