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East Asian Language Study Grant

East Asian Language Study Grant

Open to graduate and undergraduate students

  • EAP East Asian Language Study Grant (program fees for intensive language study of an East Asian language, similar to a Summer FLAS award, but can also be used during the academic year). 
  • Can be used either at Cornell or another institution.

The application for 2019-20 funding opens in mid-November of 2018 and closes on February 13, 2019 at 12:00 PM Noon.


Application guidelines:

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure the timely submission of the following materials by the application deadline. Incomplete files and materials received after the deadline may not be considered.

1. Online Application which includes: all required information on the application, and a project proposal (.doc or .pdf file upload) that includes project budget (estimated costs of program and living expenses), program information and justification where applicable, statement of purpose, proposed courses of studies where applicable.

2. Two letters of recommendation (including one from a current language instructor). PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for contacting your recommenders to request a letter of recommendation, and for the letters being received by the application  deadline.

The Project title should start with the applicant's surname (e.g. Lee) and be descriptive of the course of study/research proposed (e.g. "fall semester document research at Tsinghua University").

The project abstract should start with East Asian Language Study Grant. The abstract should give a (short but concise) summary of what the applicant proposes to do if awarded with a Language Study Grant). The first paragraph should summarize what, when, where, how and why.  If the project is to take courses, at Cornell or elsewhere, the project abstract should say so and give an idea of what types of courses.  In the case of a research project away from Cornell, the project abstract should state where and when this research will take place. Applicants are expected to outline the expected costs of their project within their application proposal. 

If you plan to use the grant somewhere other than Cornell, please include a budget for your project in the project abstract. 

The full project proposal should not exceed five pages or 1500 words. The full project proposal should include a title with the name of the applicant and the title of the project. The opening paragraph of the full project proposal should include a summary description of the proposed activities and their significance to the applicant's graduate career.

Online applications can be saved and edited anytime up to the deadline. Do not forget to submit your final application. After the deadline students will no longer be able to edit their application.

Applicants will see all of their applications on their dashboard which will also indicate which recommendations have been completed.


There are NO CITIZENSHIP RESTRICTIONS on the EAP Area Studies Fellowships nor the Language Study Grant.