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The 1st East Asia Graduate Colloquium (Spring 2016)

East Asia Graduate Colloquium SP16 poster

The 1st  East Asia Graduate Colloquium (Spring 2016)

February 25 – April 21, 2016

6.00 – 7.15 p.m. @374 Rockefeller Hall (Asian Studies Lounge)


*Light dinner will be served*


February 25th

Capitalism as Aesthetic in Contemporary Japanese Music

Jillian Marshall Ph.D. Candidate (Musicology)


March 24th

Woman or Mother? – Feminist Struggles for Birth Control and over the Meaning of Motherhood

Sujin Lee Ph.D. Candidate (History)


April 5th

Bond Issues: Political Embeddedness and Financing Capacities of China's Large Corporations

Ningzi Li Ph.D. Candidate (Sociology)


April 7th

Regional Variation in Earnings Inequality in Urban China Revisited: Two Decades after the Debate

Yuanyuan Liu Ph.D. Student (Sociology)


April 21st

A Therapeutic for a New Millennium: The Birth Control Pill as “Medicine” in Contemporary Japan

Shoan Yin Cheung Ph.D. Candidate (Science and Technology Studies)