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CCCI Fall 2017 Lectures available on Vimeo

Thomas Dubois Fall 2017 CCCI lecture
All videos from the fall 2017 Cornell Contemporary China Initiative Lecture Series are now available on the East Asia Program website ( and through the EAP’s Vimeo channel ( This fall the speakers and topics were:
·         September 11th - Guolong Lai on "The Rise of 'National Heritage' in Modern China".
·         September 18th - Thomas DuBois on "China's Dairy Century: Making, Drinking and Dreaming of Milk".
·         September 25th - Yunxiang Yan on "The Rise of Neo-Familism in Contemporary China"
·         October 16th - Wasana Wongsurawat on "Nationalizing the Diaspora Identity in the China Rising Century"
·         November 6th - Li Zhang on "Cultivating a Therapeutic Self in Urban China"
The Cornell Contemporary China Initiative brings leading figures from around the world to present at a weekly forum on issues crucial to our current world. You may view information about past and upcoming CCCI lectures, as well as links to the videos, by visiting the CCCI page at Stay tuned for the upcoming line-up of speakers for the Spring 2018 Lecture Series