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CCCI invites Yiyun Li, award-winning author, to discuss her literary life with roots in China

When Yiyun Li was in Ithaca in February, she spoke to the CCCI audience about writing in her adopted language of English. In the May 8 issue of The New Yorker, Li’s story “A Small Flame” elegantly depicts the personal histories and relationships of people living between China and the U.S. The intimate acts of adoption and replacement again appear here as crucial tropes of the story. With literature’s unique capability to put in play the textures and complexities of living, the piece has plenty to teach us about our contemporary world, China, and people who live in both.

CCCI: Professor Magnus Fiskesjo reveals the illegalities of televised confessions in China

Professor Magnus Fiskesjö (Associate Professor of Anthropology, Cornell University) - "TV Tears Made of Fear: Anatomy of the Spectacle of Power on Display in China's Forced Confessions"
November 14, 2016

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CCCI: Professor Matthew Erie explores the intersections of Islamic and constitutional law in China

Professor Matthew Erie (Associate Professor of Modern Chinese Studies, University of Oxford)- "China and Islam: The Prophet, the Party, and Law"
September 19, 2016

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CCCI: The Memory Project filmmakers tackles The Great Famine through film

Filmmakers from The Memory Project at Caochangdi Workstation in Beijing - "Knocking on Memory's Door with a Video Camera"
November 7, 2016

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CCCI: Professor Ruixue Jia clarifies the benefits of elite education in China

Professor Ruixue Jia (Assistant Professor of Economics, UC San Diego) - "Access to Elite Education, Wage Premium and Social Mobility: The Truth and Illusion of China's College Entrance Exam" October 31, 2016

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CCCI: Zhi Liu explains the financing hurdles faced by local governments in China

Zhi Liu (Director of the China Program, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy; Director, Peking University - Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy) -
“The Challenges of Municipal Finance in China” October 24, 2016

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