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Years of Sadness: Autobiographical Writings of Wang Anyi

147 Years of Sadness
WANG Lingzhen and Mary Ann O'DONNELL, trans.
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This is a bilingual publication.

This anthology focuses on autobiographical works by Wang Anyi, the most prolific and critically acclaimed woman writer in contemporary China, highlighting a personal and emotional dimension of her writing that is essential to a deeper understanding of her creativity and productivity. The three pieces selected for this volume explore some of the most fundamental and complex issues concerning Wang's identity as a woman and as a writer in early post-socialist China; the creative and emotional challenges she faced during her sojourn in the United States in the early 1980s; and her memories of adolescent years--a period of obsession, uncertainty, and loneliness during the Cultural Revolution. | 200 pages


  • Introduction
  • Utopian Verses
  • Years of Sadness
  • A Woman Writer's Sense of Self
  • Text of Stories in Chinese


  • Mary Ann O'DONNELL is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University, Hong Kong.
  • WANG Lingzhen is Associate Professor of Chinese literature, film and media, gender studies, and feminist theory at Brown University.

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