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DVD only - YAMANBA The Old Woman of the Mountains: The Old Woman of the Mountains

DVD Yamanba
Monica BETHE & Karen BRAZELL
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DVD to Accompany CEAS 16 Noh As Performance

Created to accompany the text No As Performance: An Analysis of the Kuse Scene of Yamanba, by Monica Bethe and Karen Brazell. CEAS Volume No. 16.

This DVD presents an abbreviated performance of the Noh Play, YAMANBA, with Izumi Yoshio as Shite. Japanese and English subtitles, viewing runs 31 minutes. Also on the DVD is a slideshow summary of Act I followed by a video of most of Act II. Produced by Monica Bethe with Karen Brazell, Joshua Young, Seth Wraight, and Yuli Bethe. | 31 minutes


If purchased for Individual use, select paperback ISBN (978-1-933947-71-3), price is $28.00 for DVD only.If purchased for Institutional use, select hardcover ISBN (978-1-933947-72-1), price is $48.00 for DVD only. Institutional use comes with a limited performance license that allows classroom, library, and on-campus screenings for members of the institution. The screenings should be free and not advertised to the general public. Book and DVD must be purchased separately for institutional use.

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