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The Snow Falling on Chagall's Village: Poems by Kim Ch'un-Su

93 SnowFalling
KIM Jong-Gil, translator
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1998 English Language Edition 2000 Winner, Yeonam Prize

Kim Chun-Su is one of the most original poets in modern Korean poetry. He was influenced by Rilke for a while, but embarked on a series of his own poetic experiments culminating in what he calls "the poetry of meaning." An avowed purist, he would not believe in ideas, ideologies, or even history. His poems, in consequence, tend to present only moments of vivid sensations and fantasies refracted through his consciousness. Kim has won the Modern Korean Literature Translation Award and the Poetry Prize in Korea. This volume contains a selection of all the phases of Kim Chun-Su (made in terms of commmunicability and presentability). | 104 pages


  • Preface | Introduction | Prologue
  • Landscape
  • Boy
  • Chalet
  • They Say They Didn't Know
  • Twilight
  • At Night
  • Revolution
  • Song to the West Wind
  • Absence
  • Poem on an Autumn Evening
  • Poem Written at Night
  • Flag
  • Spring (B)
  • In June
  • Blossom I
  • Darkness
  • Blossom II
  • Cloud
  • Wind
  • Flower
  • Fountain
  • Death
  • Sketches of the Flower
  • Prologue of the Flower
  • The Bare Tree and Poetry
  • The Bare Tree: A Prologue to Poetry
  • Ballad Tune VI
  • Ballad Tune VII
  • My Dear God
  • The Snow Falling on Chagall's Village
  • Dream of a Winter Night
  • A Winter Chrysanthemum
  • The Sea in Spring
  • The Honeysuckle Leaves
  • Childhood I
  • Lilac Petals
  • In the Morning
  • The Cactus in Early Spring
  • Nandin
  • A Pomegranate-flower Noon
  • Past the Summer's End
  • Primrose
  • Almond Blossoms
  • The Third Mary
  • The Wedding in Cana
  • At Gethsemane
  • The Best that Can Be
  • Walnut Pigment
  • Looking at a Simple Flower
  • A Fest to the Dead
  • Cold
  • From Fragments on Ch'oyong
  • Aboard an Iberian Flight
  • Blue
  • Goya's Scream
  • Flamenco
  • The Island of Majorca
  • Observations in Toledo
  • The Young Prostitute of Madrid
  • The Bronze Statue of Cervantes
  • The Glasses of Unamuno
  • Scenes on the Acropolis
  • Flower, a Pure Falsehood
  • A Red Dragonfly
  • On a Day, I
  • On a Walk
  • The Aegean Sea in Winter
  • A Marvelous Phrase

  • "Fine translations of significant poetry." - World Literature Today

  • KIM Jong-Gil is Professor Emeritus of English of Korea University and a member of the Korean Academy of Arts. A poet and critic in his own right, he has translated poetry both from and into English. His translations include Slow Chrysanthemums, a volume in English of classical Korean poems in Chinese (Anvil Press Poetry, London, 1987). 

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