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Dance in the No Theater (Online Edition)

29 Dance in No Theater
Monica BETHE and Karen BRAZELL
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Free online edition

A comprehensive analysis of the fundamentals of no dance, its structure and patterns, and their correlation to music, text, costumes and props. Published in three interconnected volumes, it elucidates the inner workings of no dance on many levels.

  • "A landmark in English language no studies." — Monumenta Nipponica
  • "A thoroughly scholarly, very revealing work which is a major contribution to drama study on Japan . . . All arts librarians ought to have it, all serious students of the Japanese drama will want it." — The Japan Times


  • Monica BETHE is professor at Otani University in Kyoto and has taught for many years at the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies. She is a specialist in noh and has written many books and articles regarding Japanese theater.
  • Karen BRAZELL (1938-2012) was Goldwin Smith Graduate Professor Emerita of Japanese Literature and Theatre, Cornell University. She was Series Editor of the Cornell East Asia Series as well as former director of the Cornell University East Asia Program.

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0-939657-29-5 (3-volume set). Vol. 1, 216 p. 0-939657-09-0; Vol. 2, 292 p., 0-939657-12-0; Vol. 3, 260 p., 0-939657-19-8)