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The Economic Transformation of South China: Reform and Development in the Post-Mao Era

70 Economic Transformation
Thomas P. LYONS & Victor NEE, editors
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The emergence of the South China regional economy, comprised of the southeastern coastal provinces of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, is analyzed in this timely and important collection of essays. | 304 pages



Institutional Change and Regional Growth Victor Nee

Part 1 Development Patterns

  • Differential Development in Lingnan G. William Skinner
  • Open for Business, Open to the World: Consequences of Global Incorporation in Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta Graham E Johnson
  • Economic Growth in Fujian Province: A Growth Center Analysis, 1950-91 Weng Junyi
  • Rural Industrialization in Fujian and Taiwan William L. Parish

Part 2 Institutional Change

  • Economic Reform in Fujian: Another View from the Villages Thomas P. Lyons
  • Contractual Arrangements and Labor Incentives in Rural China: A Case Study of Northern Jiangsu Echo Heng Liang
  • Hybrid Organizational Forms in South China: "One Firm, Two Systems" Su Si-jin

Part 3 Taiwan-Mainland Economic Relations

  • Taiwan's DFI in Mainland China: Impact on the Domestic and Host Economies Chung Chin
  • Economic Interdependence between Taiwan and Mainland China, 1979-1992 Kao Charng
  • The Market Tranasition in Taiwan: Any Relevance to PRC? Henry Wan, Jr.

  • "Offers an excellent set of readings for readers interested in the patterns and dynamics of Chinese development. . . . a solidly packed volume." — Journal of Asian Business "Its findings do contribute substantially to a better understanding of South China, in particular at the county, township and village levels." — The China Journal

  • Chung CHIN is an Associate Research Fellow at Chung-hua Institute for Economic Research in Taipei. Her research focuses on Taiwan-mainland economic interactions and its implications for both economies. Graham Johnson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of British Columbia. His research focuses on the Pearl River delta region of Guangdong province. He is currently studying the consequences of massive migration into the region.
  • Kao CHARNG is a Research Fellow at Chung-hua Institution for Economic Research in Taipei. His current research concerns the development of economic relations between Taiwan and mainland China. Echo Heng Liang is a consultant at the World Bank. Her research concerns rural development in China and, in particular, organizational change at the village level.
  • Thomas P. LYONS is Associate professor of Economics at Cornell University. His current research concerns the economic development of Fujian province.
  • Victor NEE is Goldwin Smith Professor of Sociology at Cornell University, and director of Cornell’s South China research project. His research uses interviews and large-scale surveys to examine the transition to markets in South China.
  • William L. PARISH is Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago. He is coauthor or editor of several books on Chinese urban and rural society, and is currently completing research on family life, women’s work, and aging in Taiwan and mainland China.
  • G. William SKINNER is Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Davis. His current research includes a comparative analysis of regional systems in Second Empire France, early Meiji Japan, and contemporary China.
  • SU Sijin is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology at Cornell University. His current research concerns organizational change in Chinese enterprises and, in particular, the evolution of incentive schemes, contracting arrangements, and governance structures.
  • Henry WAN, Jr., is Professor of Economics at Cornell University and a former president of the Chinese Economics Association in North America. His areas of interest include international trade and economic development in the East Asia region.
  • WENG Junyi is Professor at Business School, Xiamen University. His current research includes a study of local development patters in Fujian province.

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