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From Yalta to Panmunjom: Truman's Diplomacy and the Four Powers, 1945-1953

62 From Yalta to Panmunjom
HUA Qingzhao
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"From Yalta to Panmunjom is a remarkable history of the early postwar world from the spring of 1945 to the beginning of 1953, as seen through a pair of Chinese eyes. ... The scope of this book, with its candid revelations of Chinese actions and motivations, based on material often unavailable to foreign historians, makes From Yalta to Panmunjom obligatory reading for any serious student of diplomatic history and for those who are interested in our era both in the author's home country and the rest of the world." — From the foreword by John Toland | 284 pages


  • Introduction
  1. FDR's China Legacy
  2. Eastern Europe and Yalta
  3. The Road to Civil War in China
  4. Debut of Atomic Diplomacy
  5. 1946: Prelude to the Cold War
  6. All Quiet on the Western Front
  7. War Drums in the Far East
  8. The "Loss" of China
  9. Adapting to the Communist Accession in China
  10. The Blood-Tainted Peninsula 11. The Echoes of Panmunjom
  • Conclusion: The Dynamics of the Truman Diplomacy


  • "Hua's riveting account of Truman's eight years from 1945 to 1953. Hua is a born storyteller. ... He confers depth and sharpness on his writing by placing events within historical context." — China Review International
  • "Demonstrates a deep understanding of the conflicts and divisions within the "big four"... a thoroughly researched account that acknowledges the complexities of the issues . . . Hua's study challenges many assumptions about the postwar period. ... A good springboard for further research."  — June Grasso, American Historical Review

  • HUA Qingzhao is Director of the Center of American Studies, Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences.

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