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Qi Wang

Professor and Chairperson, Human Development
Photo of Qi Wang


My research interests are at the intersection of cognitive and social development. Integrating developmental, cognitive, and sociocultural perspectives, my research examines the mechanisms underlying the development of a variety of social-cognitive skills including autobiographical memory, self, and emotion knowledge. I am particularly interested in how cultural beliefs and goals influence social cognitive representations and processes by affecting information processing at the level of the individual and by shaping social practices between individuals (e.g., sharing memory narratives between parents and children). Currently I am conducting studies to examine cultural effects on the perceptual, retention, and retrieval processes of episodic remembering; episodic future thinking in children and adults; autobiographical memory in the context of peer relations; and social-cognitive factors in the development of autobiographical memory in middle childhood (funded by NSF award# BCS-0721171). In addition, I have recently launched a new line of research to investigate the influence of Internet on autobiographical remembering.