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Cornell Classical Chinese Colloquium

CCCC Fall 2015 events poster

CCCC is a reading group for scholars interested in premodern Chinese studies. All are welcome, at any level of experience with classical Chinese. At each session one participant presents a text in classical or literary Chinese. Attendees discuss historical, literary, linguistic, and all other aspects of the text, and work together to resolve difficulties in comprehension and translation. Presentations include works of all sorts, from the earliest times to the twentieth century. No preparation required: all texts will be distributed at the meeting.

Fall 2015

Events held Fridays from 3:30 to around 5:00* Cho Room, B59 Kroch Library (except where indicated otherwise*)

September 11 Ding Xiang Warner (Asian Studies, Cornell), “A Recently Discovered Tang Tomb Inscription”

*October 2, 4:30pm, 374 Rockefeller Hall Evelyn Rawski (University of Pittsburgh), “Reading a Qing Tangka: The Qianlong Emperor as Manjusri”

October 30 Rivi Handler-Spitz (Macalester College), “Li Zhi (李贄 1527-1602) as a Historiographer”

November 13 Anthony DeBlasi (SUNY—Albany), “TBA”

For more information, contact TJ Hinrichs or Ding Xiang Warner Sponsored by the East Asia Program.