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Rat Fire: Korean Stories from the Japanese Empire

Theodore Hughes, Jae-Yong Kim, Jin-kyung Lee, Sang-kyung Lee, EDITORS
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Twelve short stories by colonial Korean proletarian writers and two works written in 1946 under U.S. military occupation provide a diverse, ever-changing portrait of the complex movements of people and ideas that constituted both colonial Korean and the Japanese empire. This add to the tumultuous experiences of those from the Korean peninsula to the existing international canon of socialist and feminist literature. | 448 pages



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  1. The Hound (Sanyanggae, 1925) Pak Yŏng-hŭi | Trans. Theodore Hughes
  2. The Blast Furnace (Yonggwangno, 1926) Song Yŏng | Trans. Samuel Perry
  3. Bloody Flames (Hongyŏm, 1927) Ch'oe Sŏ-hae | Trans. Jin-kyung Lee
  4. Naktong River (Naktonggang, 1927) Cho Myŏng-hŭi | Trans. Ross King
  5. City and Specter (Tosi wa yuryŏng, 1928) Yi Hyo-sŏk | Trans. Young-Ji Kang
  6. The Factory Newspaper (Kongjang sinmun, 1931) Kim Nam-ch'ŏn | Trans. Young-Ji Kang
  7. Kkŏraei (The Koreans of Russia, 1933) Paek Sin-ae | Trans. Kimberly Chung
  8. Rat Fire (Sŏhwa, 1933) Yi Ki-yŏng | Trans. Jin-kyung Lee
  9. Salt (Sogŭm, 1934) Kang Kyŏng-ae | Trans. Jin-kyung Lee
  10. Pusan (Pusan, 1935) Yi Nam-wŏn | Trans. Mee Chang
  11. Railroad Crossing (Ch'ŏllo kyoch・ajŏm, 1936) Han Sŏl-ya | Trans. Jin-kyung Lee
  12. Darkness (Ŏdum, 1937) Kang Kyŏng-ae | Trans. Ruth Barraclough
  13. Tenma (Pegasus, 1940) Kim Sa-ryang | Trans. Christina Yi
  14. Trolley Driver (Chŏnch・a unjŏnsu, 1946) Kim Yŏng-sŏk | Trans. I Jonathan Kief
  15. Mister Pang (Misŭt・ŏ Pang, 1946) Ch’ae Man-sik | Trans. Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton

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