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Qinghua Zhuang

Associate Professor of Chinese Literature and Communication, Tan Kah Kee College, Xiamen University
Photograph of Qinghua Zhuang

Cornell project: to conduct research and produce a book-length study of the mutually influencing relationship between Puxian opera (a form of regional drama) and Puxian local culture.

Qinghua Zhuang received her Ph. D. in Chinese Theater and Traditional Opera in 2010 from Xiamen University, China. She is an assistant professor at Tan Kah Kee College of Xiamen University. From August 1, 2016, through July 31, 2018, she is a visiting scholar in the East Asia Program at Cornell University. Her research interests include Chinese literature from the Yuan dynasty through the early Qing dynasty, ritual and theater in Chinese traditional regional drama, and Chinese contemporary playwrights.

Expected Vistitation Dates: 8/1/2016 to 7/31/2018