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Korean Studies Initiative 2016-2017

Under the Sun publicity poster

The East Asia Program is devoted to enhancing and developing the inter-disciplinary Korean studies at Cornell. 

In fall 2016 we hosted film scholar Miseong Woo over the fall semester, held two international workshops, one on book culture in premodern Korea and east asia and one on the critical turn in contemporary Korean culture, sponsored a line up of films from the Korean peninsula at Cornell Cinema.

In spring 2017 the East Asia Program is sponsoring along with the Department of Asian Studies visiting assistant professor Hyun-ho Joo, who will teach ASIAN 2218, Introduction to Korea.

This introductory course approaches the history and culture of Korea from a broader East Asian perspective. While focusing on key aspects in shaping premodern and modern Korean identity, the course places Korea in a larger cross-national context, particularly its close interactions with China and Japan. Reading primary and secondary sources combined with visual materials, the course chronologically and thematically examines major historical moments, from Korea's participation in and exit from a Sino-centric premodern world order, Japanese colonialism and its ramifications in Korean society, economic development and democratization, to the rising popularity of Korean popular culture.

Professor Joo received his Ph.D. from the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago. He is an Associate Professor at Yonsei University's Wonju Campus in Korea. His research interests are the history of Sino-Korean relations and the cultural interactions between China and Korea in the early twentieth century. He is currently working on Korean print media's delivery of China-related news as a strategy of disseminating Korean nationalism under the Japanese colonial censorship. 

EAP is also co-sponsoring the concert and Composer's Forum talk by the experimental komungo composer and musician Jin Hi Kim, who will be performing Saturday, February 25th, together with pipa player Min Xiao Fen as part of Asian Sound Revolution