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Local library teaches lunar new year activities

children with their dragons

This weekend, Southworth Library in Dryden, New York welcomed the Year of the Rooster with storytelling, games, and crafts using materials from China Culture Kits borrowed from the Einaudi Center’s Lending Library.

For preschoolers and pre-readers, Southworth’s storytime hour centered on signs of the zodiac: animals and their characteristics. Children and their parents made dragon puppets--a simple hands-on craft from China Culture Kit #2--and danced around with their dragon puppets before foretelling their futures from fortune cookies.

Caption: pre-school children dancing with their dragon puppets

Children of all ages learned the traditions of Chinese New Year from Runaway Wok; signs of the zodiac from My Mother is a Dragon, My Father is a Boar; and Chinese characters and words from The Pet Dragon. Children brushed up on their calligraphy skills using our Chinese Calligraphy Kit, which includes a set of brushes, three bottles of ink, bowls for ink, and paper. Diane Pamel, Director of Southworth Library tells, “We practiced the brush calligraphy on a sheet I had printed on red paper and then gave them each a small square of rice paper to try it out. Some of our visitors were extremely talented with calligraphy and paper cutting and demonstrated that [to the kids] as well.” Kids were able to take home some crafts, including a Lion Dance Craft from our China Culture Kit #2. 

southworth library 

Caption: children of all age groups brushing up on their calligraphy skills

For these resources and others, see the Einaudi Center's Lending Library catalogue.

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