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Huiqin Wang

EAP Visiting Scholar
Photo of Huiqin Wang

Huiqin Wang is a special-class teacher and senior professor in Zhejiang Province and currently acts as the principal of Lu Xun Primary School in Shaoxing. She has attended observation lessons and demonstration lessons many times in provincial and municipal teacher training, and has also given lectures in provincial-level principal or teacher training many times. More than 90 papers have been published in the national and provincial journals, and subject achievements include 3 provincial-level first or second prize and 7 city-level first prize. The Journal Primary Chinese Teaching had a special issue for her in June 2011. She has published 3 books including Practice and Thinking of ontology teaching in Chinese languageAdhere to the Ontology: The Life Root of Chinese Language EducationChildren’s Chinese Class from Being a Person to Being a Complete Person; and has also guided the publishing of 7 teaching materials and participated in compiling 6 teaching materials. On top of that, she has been awarded as the tutor of Zhejiang Network Teacher Workshop by the Education Department of Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing City Bureau of Education, Shaoxing University. She acts as the tutor of primary school Chinese class, primary school principal class in Lingyan Project, the tutor of principal class in Shaoxing Teachers and Principals Training Project, the tutor of Wang Huiqin Primary School Chinese Special-class Teacher Workshop, guest professor of Shaoxing University, etc.

Cornell research project: How to better carry out an education for all-round development in the phase of compulsory education                                     How to improve our school’s management to be more effective and efficient                                     How to better nurture our school’s teachers in their professional growth                                     How to cultivate our students to be the future generation that acquire both traditional roots of our nation and a global vision

Faculty Hosts: Qi Wang, Department of Human Development and Robin McNeal, Department of Asian Studies

Expected Visitation Dates: 2/10/2018 to 3/8/2018