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Ying Hua

Associate Professor Design and Environmental Analysis; Codirector, International Workplace Studies Program
Photo of Ying Hua


Dr. Ying Hua came from a background of architecture, building science and behavioral science.

Current Research Activities:

Dr. Hua has been conducting research on methodology for post-occupancy evaluation (POE); interaction between occupants and building systems and resulted influence on building performance; and impact of workplace concepts on behavioral and organizational outcomes. She is also studying strategies to engage and motivate multiple stakeholders in sustainable building practice and in resilience building efforts in multiple building markets in the U.S., Japan, and China. 

It is her goal to inform the design, delivery, operation, management and re-engineering of built environments and building sector policy-making to enhance the quality of built environments and suport health and performance of their occupants, and to mitigate the building sector's impact on global climate change. As an Appointed Member of the China Green Building Council, Dr. Hua has been actively promoting sustainable building policy, practice, and education in China. She is playing an active role in promoting sustainable campus research and practice both in China and internationally.

Teaching and Advising Statement:

For complex topics, such as the quality and potential of built environments, sustainability and resilience, the search for solutions starts from defining challenges and opportunities. In the context of buildings and cities, I would like to teach and advise students to have both the scope and the skills for creating innovative methods and solutions to make built environments value-enablers for their users and the society. Being members of graduate fields of both Design & Environmental Analysis and Real Estate at Cornell gives me an opportunity to reach out to students from a variety of backgrounds and make an impact.

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