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CCCC Spring 2017

Du Heng

Ph.D. candidate in Chinese History, Harvard University

"What was writing for? Transmission Scenes in Warring States Excavated Manuscripts"

March 3, 2017

Richard VanNess Simmons

Professor of Chinese, Rutgers University

"The Charms of Mandarin in the Qīng and the Key to Northern and Southern Guānhuà"

April 14, 2017 

Francesca Bray

Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh; 2016-17 Hu Shih Distinguished Lecturer, Cornell East Asia Program

"Of Turnips and Apricots: Livelihood and Lifestyle in the Northern Wei as Seen through the Agricultural Treatise Qímín Yàoshù 齊民要術"

April 21, 2017

Clarence Lee

Ph.D. Candidate in Asian Studies, Cornell University

"Reading Sinitic Medical Texts in Mid Edo period Japan: Kagawa Shūtoku (1683-1755)"

May 5, 2017