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Tamakatsuma: A Window into the Scholarship of Motoori Norinaga

169 Tamakatsuma
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Tamakatsuma provides important insights into Tokugawa history, literature, linguistics, and Shintō thought. Written by Motoori Norinaga over the course of about ten years, Norinaga recorded thoughts on a variety of topics, as well as quotes from works he thought were rare or difficult for other people to obtain. One important characteristic of Tamakatsuma is Norinaga’s desire to instruct his students regarding scholarship and the proper attitude toward knowledge. | 420 pages


  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Notes on the Translation
  • Abbreviations
  1. New Fresh Herbs
  2. Falling Leaves of the Cherry
  3. The Orange
  4. Forget-me-nots
  5. The Eulalia of Kareno
  6. Cockscomb
  7. Waves of Wisteria Leaves on the Wind
  8. The Lower Branches of the Bush Clover
  9. Snow of Blossoms
  10. Mountain Sedge
  11. Kadsura Japonica
  12. Japanese Yellow Rose
  13. Broomrape
  14. Countless Camellias
  • Alphabetical List of Entries
  • Bibliography
  • Index 


  • John R. BENTLEY is Professor of Japanese at Northern Illinois University. His research interests cover historical linguistics, historiography, and Japanese Native studies.

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