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Cunfang Dou

Associate Professor of Social Work, Sichuan Agricultural University
Photo of Cunfang DOU

Cornell project:Modernization and preservation of the traditional Tibetan culture in the context of globalization: a case study of a Tibetan village in Qinghai Province.

General Interests

Areas: Ethnic minorities areas, especially Tibetan areas in China (Gansu, Qinghai, Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet Autonomous Region)

Topics: exchanges, rituals, arts, handicrafts, aesthetics, materials, environment, heritage, museum, innovation, migration and modernity.

Present Research

Prof. Dou's research interests so far have focused on the study of the cultural and social changes of Tibetan areas under the globalization, urbanization and modernization, and how to protect their traditional cultures including material cultures (arts, food, tools, houses, etc.) intangible heritages (religion, rituals, skills, folk stories and so on) by Tibetan people and governments, as well as some impacts on the social dynamics and environment. She also focuses on ethnic minority immigrants in some big cities of China. Since the 80’s of the last century, many Chinese ethnic minorities migrated into the big city and developed some especial communities. Dou's research centers on the relations among the especial communities, the cities and the Tibetan areas.


Prof. Dou is an Associate Professor of Social Work at the Faculty of Humanities of Sichuan Agricultural University, and also the dean of Cultural Industries Management.  Prof. Dou mainly teaches anthropology and sociology.