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Jeremy Wallace

Associate Professor of Government
Photo of Jeremy Wallace

 I study authoritarianism, urbanization, and information, with a focus on Chinese politics.  My research centers on questions of authoritarian regime survival and how such regimes--particularly China’s--grapple with threats in two major themes. The first explores the dangers that cities pose to dictators. Cities and Stability: Urbanization, Redistribution, and Regime Survival in China shows how China’s management of urbanization is an under-appreciated factor in the regime’s longevity by combining cross-national statistics and in-depth analysis of China. The second examines the ways that dictators become aware of and understand their political environments and the consequences of the such institutions of information, which is the subject of my current book project, Seeking Truth and Hiding Facts in China. My research has appeared in Journal of Politics, British Journal of Political Science, China Quarterly, Global Environmental Change, and Land Use Politics. I also host the ChinaLab podcast, publicizing current research on China.

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