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To Achieve Security and Wealth: The Qing Imperial State and the Economy, 1644-1911

56 ToAchieveSecurity&Wealth
Edited by Jane Kate LEONARD and John R. WATT
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The studies in this collection re-examine the role of the Qing state in the private economy. They show in a variety of cases how the interaction between the two helped the state achieve its goals of social stability and security while enhancing the prosperity of private economic interests. | 206 pages


  • Illustrations and Tables
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Contributors
  • Introduction Jane Kate Leonard and John R. Watt
  • The Finance Ministry (Hubu) and Its Relationship to the Private Economy in Qing Times E-tu Zen Sun
  • Beyond the Great Wall: Agricultural Development in Northern Xinjiang, 1760-1820 Dorothy V. Borei
  • The State's Resources and the People's Livelihood (Guoji minsheng): The Daoguang Emperor's Dilemmas about Grand Canal Resotration, 1825 Jane Kate Leonard
  • Household Handicrafts and State Policy in Qing Times Susan Mann
  • Qing Administration of the Tea Trade: Four Facets over Three Centuries Robert P. Gardella
  • Guarantors and Guarantees in Qing Government-Business Relations Andrea McElderry
  • The Qing State and Merchant Enterprise: The China Merchants' Company, 1872-1902 Chi-kong Lai
  • Business-Government Cooperation in Late Qing Korea Policy Louis T. Sigel
  • Glossary

  • "[Each essay] provides essential empirical observation that will help to generate larger, synthetic views of the Qing economy." -- China Review International


  • John R. WATT is the Director of China Programs at Primary Source in Watertown, Massachusetts.
  • Jane Kate LEONARD is Professor of History at the University of Akron. Her other publications include Dragons, Tigers, and Dogs (CEAS No. 114).

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