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Another Stage: Kanze Nobumitsu and the Late Muromachi Noh Theater

163 Another Stage
LIM Beng Choo
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Another Stage - Kanze Nobumitsu and the late Muromachi Noh Theater is a long overdue book-length study of the late Muromachi period noh practitioner Kanze Nobumitsu (1435 - 1516). In this three-part book, Lim highlights the importance of historical and societal contexts in which Nobumitsu and his peers composed and performed, using another important noh practitioner Zeami and his treatises as points of reference. In the second part of the book she discusses the formation of the modern category of furyū noh to which Nobumitsu has been closely related, and showcases the talent of Nobumitsu with in-depth readings of his noh plays. Nobumitsu's versatile talent in noh composition is vividly reflected in the wide-ranging subject matter and compositional style in the plays examined here. The concluding section of the book examines the problematic issues in the study of late Muromachi noh plays in contemporary scholarship. The author emphasizes the critical need in contemporary noh discourse to expand beyond the canonical aesthetics established by Zeami in order to achieve a more comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the noh theater. | 276 pages


  • Acknowledgments | Introduction

Part One 

  • Chapter One The Nobumitsu Portrait Inscription
  • Chapter Two Nobumitsu: Life, Career and the Kanze Family

Part Two

  • Chapter Three  Deciphering “Furyū” 
  • Chapter Four Performing the Other: “Karamono” 
  • Chapter Five  Dwelling in “Mugen”  

Part Three 

  • Chapter Six (De-)Constructing Furyū Noh 
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices 
  • 1 Works Attributed to Nobumitsu
  • 2 A Chronology of Nobumitsu’s Life
  • 3 Generations of Kanze Troupe Leaders
  • 4 Glossary of the Major Role Types
  • 5 Successive Generations of Muromachi Shoguns
  • Index


  • "Another Stage provides students of with tools to appreciate Nobumitsu, his plays, and his time. ... [The] chapters portray the when it was clearly a living and vibrant art, motivated by the creativity of its writers and actors, as well as the appetites of the broad-based audience that supported them. Another Stage paints a picture very different from what moderns usually think of as constituting the and will be useful for students and scholars interested in this often overlooked period of theater history." Journal of Japanese Studies 41:2 (2015)


  • Lim Beng CHOO is Associate Professor in the Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Singapore.

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