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Endless War: Fiction and Essays by Wang Wen-Hsing

158 Endless War
Shu-ning SCIBAN and Fred EDWARDS, eds.
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This volume consists of translations of twenty-four fictional works and five essays by Wang Wen-Hsing, plus a dedicated author's preface.  Wang is one of the most celebrated modernist writers in Taiwan and the recipient of Taiwan's most prestigious National Culture and Arts Award (Literature Category).  This anthology brings to English readers excellent works written in the earlier period of Wang's writing career; most of the works are published for the first time in English.  This book is an important introduction not only toward understanding Wang's writings in particular, but also to understanding Taiwan modernist literature in general.


Author's Preface | Editor's Preface | Acknowledgments | Introduction

Part I Short Fiction

  • The Lingering Night Rowan Sciban
  • A Dying Dog Steven L. Riep
  • The Marriage of a Civil Servant Howard Goldblatt
  • Withered Chrysanthemums Steven L. Riep
  • Paralysis Lloyd Sciban Afternoon Terence Russell
  • The Toy Revolver Jane Parish Yang
  • Mother Michael Cody
  • Calendar Shu-ning Sciban
  • The Happiest Thing Shu-ning Sciban
  • Song of the Earth Ihor Pidhainy
  • Midsummer on the Prairie Michael Cody
  • Conclusion Lloyd Sciban
  • Two Women Li-fen Chen
  • Strong Wind Howard Goldblatt
  • Contract Fulfilled Fred Edwards and Jia Li
  • The Day of the Sea Goddess Ch'en Chu-yun
  • Line of Fate Ch'en Chu-yun Cold Front Terence Russell
  • Flaw Ch'en Chu-yun
  • The Black Gown Ch'en Chu-yun
  • Nights of the Shining Moon Ch'en Chu-yun

Part II Novella and Play

  • Dragon Inn Steven L. Riep
  • M and W Fred Edwards and Jia Li

Part III Essays

  • Preface to New Stone Statue Martin Sulev
  • A Brief Discussion of Modern Literature (Abridged) Christopher Lupke
  • The Challenge and Primitiveness of Modernism Ihor Pidhainy
  • Endless War Martin Sulev
  • Zhongyuan: An Appreciation Shu-ning Sciban

A Chronology of Wang Wen-hsing's Life | Bibliography of Wang Wen-hsing's Works | Acknowledgment of Copyright


  • Ch'en Chu-yun taught in the Foreign Languages Dept at National Taiwan University. 
  • Li-fen Chen is Associate Professor in Humanities at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. 
  • Michael Cody's interest lies in Asian languages and cultures.
  • Fred Edwards is on the editorial board of the Toronto Star. 
  • Howard Goldblatt is Research Professor of Chinese at University of Notre Dame. 
  • Jia Li is postdoctoral fellow at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. 
  • Christoper Lupke is Associate Professor of Chinese language and culture at Washington State University. 
  • Ihor Pidhainy is Assistant Professor at Marietta College, Ohio. 
  • Steven L. Riep teaches modern and contemporary Chinese literature, film and culture at Brigham Young University. 
  • Terence Russell is Associate Professor of Chinese in the Asian Studies Centre at University of Manitoba.
  • Lloyd Sciban is on the Faculty of Communication and Culture at University of Calgary. 
  • Rowan Sciban is pursuing graduate degree in social psychology at University of Calgary. 
  • Shu-ning Sciban teaches at the University of Calgary. 
  • Martin Sulev's interests include Chinese films and traditional Chinese performing arts. 
  • Jane Parish Yang is Associate Professor of Chinese at Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin.

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