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Farmers' Dance: Poems by SHIN Kyong-Nim

105 FarmersDanceBilingual
Translated by Brother ANTHONY of Taize and Young-moo KIM
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1999 Bilingual DapGae/CEAS Edition Shin Kyong-Nim's first volume of poems, Farmers' Dance (Nong-mu), marked a major new step in the development of modern Korean poetry when it was published in 1973. The life of Korea's oppressed rural masses had never before been highlighted in such a manner. For years, the poet had shared that life as a laborer and salesman, and the poems reflect a deep identification with classes and situations that were normally not considered suitable subjects for poetry. This volume offers a full translation of the poems of the expanded 1975 edition, making available in English for the first time one of the most influential works of modern Korean poetry. | 212 pages



Part 1

  • On a Winter's Night
  • Country Relatives
  • Lands Far Apart
  • Wrestling
  • After Market's Done
  • The Night We Make Offerings
  • Farmers' Dance
  • Shadows of Flowers
  • Snowy Road
  • One August
  • Party Day
  • Summer Rains
  • Today

Part 2

  • The Way to Go
  • The Night Before
  • The Storm
  • That Day
  • Hillside Lot Number One
  • He
  • March 1
  • Teh Road to Seoul
  • This Pair of Eyes
  • They
  • 1950: Death by Firing-squad

Part 3

  • The Abandoned Mine
  • Kyong-ch'ip
  • After the Summer Rains
  • That Winter
  • Before and After March 1
  • Hibernation
  • Going Blind
  • The Road Back Home
  • Mountain Town Diary
  • The Backwoods

Part 4

  • Mountain Town Visit
  • Country Bus Terminal
  • A Friend
  • Commemorations

Part 5

  • A Reed
  • Graveside Epitaph
  • Deep Night
  • A Baby
  • On Top of an Extinct Volcano

Part 6

  • Night Bird
  • Moonlight
  • The River
  • That Summer
  • Someone
  • A Legend
  • Exile
  • What We Have to Be Ashamed Of
  • Friend! In Your Fist

Part 7

  • In the Dark
  • Mountain Station
  • Year's-End Fair
  • A Chance Encounter
  • Travelling Companions
  • Diary Entry for Ch'oso Day
  • An Alley
  • We Meet Again

  • "Both translations [this book and The Prophet and Other Stories by Yi Ch'ông-jun (CEAS No. 101)] are excellent examples of quality translations of Korean literature. ... The bilinqual version of Farmers' Dance, the fourth volume in a series published jointly by the Cornell East Asia Series and the DapGae Publishing Company, offers readers the rare opportunity of comparing the original with the translation side by side. It marks an important departure in Korean literature in translation that should be of great help to future translators and students of Korean literature. Together [these books] offer deep insight into the social psychology and cultural history of Korea in a time that has yet to receive a full historical evaluation." — Acta Koreana 

  • Brother Anthony of Taize is a member of the Community of Taizé. He has been living in Korea and teaching at Sogang University in Seoul since 1980. Now an emeritus professor at Sogang University, Brother Anthony has published some twenty-five volumes of translations of Korean poetry and fiction. His publications include translations of works by Ku Sang, Ko Un, Kim Kwang-kyu, Kim Seung-hee, and Yi Mun-yol.
  • Young Moo KIM (1944-2001), an author of many critical essays on modern Korean literature, was professor of English at Seoul National University. 

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