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The Griffis Collection of Japanese Books: An Annotated Bibliography

28 GriffisCollection
Edited by Diane E. PERUSHEK
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An annotated bibliography, with a foreword and an index, of a collection of 500 Japanese works, contributed to the Cornell library in the early twentieth century by W.E. Griffis, who taught Western science in Japan between 1871 and 1874 as one of the first foreigners hired by the new Meiji government. Assembled both during and after his stay in Japan, the Griffis Collection provides an overview of Japanese society in transition from the Tokugawa order to the openness and Western-orientation of the early decades of the Meiji period. Of particular note are the wood-block print maps, the substantial holdings in Edo genre fiction, and the Japanese translations of the Bible and Christian hymnals. | 118 pages


    • Illustrations
    • Preface
    • Acknowledgements
    • Introduction
    • I.    Reference Works
    • II.   Philosophy and Religion
    • III.  Moral Instruction
    • IV.  History
    • V.   Biography
    • VI.  Genealogies, Heraldries, and Official Rosters
    • VII. Geography
    • VIII. Political Thought
    • IX.   Economics
    • X.    Social Manners and Customs
    • XI.   Education
    • XII.  Literature
    • XIII. Dodoitsu
    • XIV.  Arts
    • XVI.  Games
    • XVII. Science and Technology
    • XVIII.Military
    • XIX.  Maps
    • XX.   Magazines
    • Index of Personal Names
    • Index of Titles

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