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Hôgen monogatari: Tale of the Disorder in Hôgen

99 HogenMonogatari
William Ritchie WILSON
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Reprint edition 2001 First published as a Monumenta Nipponica monograph in 1971, this impressive study chronicles the Hôgen Incident of 1156, the abortive coup d’état that marked the emergence of the military class as a political power in Japan. After being unavailable for years, this photo-reprint of the original edition contains not only the complete English translation of the work, but also virtually all that is needed for fully understanding it: footnotes, essays on the subject matter, appendices with references to other chronicles and histories, and a table of episodes from the various texts. | 196 pages


Volume One   

  • Prologue   
  • The accession to the throne of Go Shirakawa-In   
  • The Cloistered Emperor's pilgrimage to Kumano and the oracle there   
  • The death of Toba-In   
  • The Shin-In contemplates rebellion   
  • The government forces send parties in various directions
  • Chikaharu and others are captured   
  • Exposure of the rebellion of the Shin-In; his prayers for divine assistance; and the opinion of the  Naidaijin Saneyoshi   
  • The Shin-In summon Tameyoshi and the matter of Unomaru   
  • The journey and arrival at the capital of the Sadaijin Yorinaga   
  • The mustering of the imperial army   
  • The defenses of the gates of the Paalce of the Shin-In and the Council of War   
  • The Shogun Mound rumbles and a comet appears  
  • The Emperor moves to the Ssanjo Palace and the disposition of the imperial army

Volume Two   

  • Yoshitomo's night attack on the Shirakawa Palace   
  • The taking by storm of the Shirakawa Palace   
  • Escape of the New CLoistered Emperor and the Great Minister of the Left   
  • The Shin-In becomes a monk   
  • The burning down of the rebel's houses   
  • The Chancellor returns to original office and the warriors and rewarded   
  • The end of the Minister of the Left and the grief of the prime minister Tadazane   
  • Shigenari guards the New Cloistered Emperor in compliance with Imperial Command   
  • Every rebel is captured   
  • The matter of the imperial prince Shigehito   
  • Tameyoshi's surreder   
  • Tadamasa, Masahiro and others are put to death   
  • The last hour of Tameyoshi   
  • Yoshitomo's younger brothers are put to death

Volume Three   

  • Yoshitomo does away with all his infant younger brothers   
  • Tameyoshi's wife drowns herself   
  • The verification of the corpse of the Minister of the Left   
  • The New Cloistered Emperor's removal to Sanuki, and the matter of Prince Shigehito   
  • Tale of the Lady Buen   
  • The sons of the Minister of the Left and the rebels all go into distant exile   
  • The prime Minister's move to the capital   
  • The New Cloistered Emperor's throwing of the sutras into the sea and his death   
  • Tamatomo's capture and distant exile   
  • Tametomo goes ot the Isle of Devils and his end

 Essay on the Tale of the disorder in Hogen

  • Appendix A: Extracts from Gukansho
  • Appendix B: Extracts from Horeekikanki
  • Appendix C: Extract from Senjusho
  • Appendix D: Extract from Nakaraibon Hogen
  • Appendix E: Extract from Kotohirabon Hogen
  • Appendix F: Extract from Gempei seisuiki
  • Appendix G: Collation table Bibliography Index

  • “Will remain the authoritative Western study of Hogen-monogatari. ... an altogether commendable piece of work.”  — Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies

  • The late William Ritchie WILSON began Japanese studies as a U.S. Naval Language Officer in Tokyo in 1938. After earning his Ph.D. in Japanese literature from the University of Washington in 1967, he joined the faculty of Asian Studies at the University of Southern California.

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