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Tanikawa Shuntaro: The Art of Being Alone: Poems 1952-2009

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Takako U. LENTO
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A New Japanese Horizons Series title.

This extensive selection of Tanikawa Shuntaro's poetry reflects the full depth and breadth of his work, from his appearance as a fresh new voice to the mastery of his later poetry. It traces his artistic development and his shift in focus from man's cosmic destiny to the pathos of everyday life and a more internalized struggle with the nature of human expression. Lovers of poetry will find the experience exhilarating. The only such collection in English, this volume will prove indispensable to students and scholars of Japanese literature, as it opens a valuable new perspective on postware Japanese literature. The Introduction clarifies the social and artistic background of Tanikawa's extraordinary work and career, illuminating major themes as his poetry evolves over time. | 260 pages


  • Acknowledgment
  • Introduction
  • Alone in Two Billion Light Years (1952)
  • 62 Sonnets (1953)
  • On Love (1955)
  • 21 (1962)
  • Journey (1968)
  • A Pensive Youth (1971)
  • The Day Small Birds Vanished From the Sky (1974)
  • At Midnight in the Kitchen I Wanted to Talk to You (1975)
  • Definitions (1975)
  • Fragments of a Forged Talamaikan Manuscript (1978)
  • Selected Poems of Tanikawa Shuntaro (1979)
  • Coca Cola Lesson (1980)
  • The Map of Days (1982)
  • Letters (1984)
  • Naked (1988)
  • To a Woman (1991)
  • Clueless (1993)
  • The Eighteen Year Old (1993)
  • Listening to Mozart (1995)
  • Rather than Snow White (1995)
  • minimal (2002)
  • Poet's Tomb (2006)
  • Watashi (I Myself) (2007)
  • Troms0 Collage (2009)


  • Takako U. LENTO has taught at universities in Japan and the United States. She holds an MFA in poetry and translation from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Her publications include book-length Japanese translations of American writers as well as English translations of, and essays on, Japanese poets. She is a regular contributor to Poetry International Web. Most recently she coedited and contributed to the work, Tamura Ryuichi: On the Life and Work of a 20th Century Master.

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