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Total War and 'Modernization'

100 Total War
Edited by Yasushi YAMANOUCHI, J. Victor KOSCHMANN and Ryuichi NARITA
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A product of international collaborative research, this collection of essays by scholars from Japan, North America and Europe illuminates the many important ways in which mobilization for total war in the 1930s and early-1940s laid the foundation for postwar democracy. The essays, all but two of which focus primarily on the Japanese case, analyze intellectual, political, and socioeconomic processes that extend from the 1930s down as far as the 1970s, and suggest that in this era not only Japan but Germany, the U.S., and other advanced industrial nations formed system societies characterized by rationalization, mobilization and high levels of social integration and control. The editors teach at Ferris University, Cornell University, and Japan Women's University. This book is a companion volume to Deconstructing Nationality, edited by Naoki Sakai, Brett de Bary, and Iyotani Toshio (CEAS No. 124). | 348 pages


  • Preface The Editors
  • Introduction to the English Edition J. Victor Koschmann
  • Contributors
  • Total War and Social Integration: A Methodological Introduction Yamanouchi Yasushi

1 Total War and Structural Change

  • National Socialism and Modernization: Recent Debates in the Federal Republic of Germany Michael Prinz
  • Warmakng and the Transformation of the State: Japan and the U.S. in World War II Gregory Hooks  and Raymond A. Jussaume Jr.

2 Total War and the Formation of Thought

  • The Spirit of Capitalism as Disciplinary Regime: The Postwar Thought of Ōtsuka Hisao J. Victor Koschmann
  • Civil Society Theory and Wartime Mobilization: On the Intellectual Development of Uchida Yoshihiko Sugiyama Misunobu
  • Women in the Motherland: Oku Mumeo Through Wartime and Postwar Narita Ryūichi
  • Desire for a Poetic Metasubject: Miki Kiyoshi's Technology Theory Iwasaki Minoru
  • Prewar, Wartime, and Postwar in Education: The Thought and Behavior of Abe Shigetake Ōuchi Hirokazu

3 Total War and Social Integration

  • Self-Renovation of Existing Social Forces and Gleichschaltung: The Total-War System and the Middle Classes Amemiya Shōichi
  • The Japanese Wartime Economy and the Development of Government-Business Relations: An Overview Okazaki Tetsuji
  • The Historical Significance of the Industrial Patriotic Association: Labor Relations in the Total-War State Saguchi Kazurō
  • The System of Total War and the Discursive Space of the War on Thought Satō Takumi



  • Yasushi YAMANOUCHI is Professor of History at Ferris University.
  • J. Victor KOSCHMANN is Professor of History at Cornell University.
  • Ryuichi NARITA is Professor of History at Japan Women's University. 

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