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Twelve Plays of the Noh and Kyogen Theaters

50 TwelvePlays
Edited by Karen BRAZELL and assisted by J. Philip GABRIEL
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This remarkable anthology of plays is a harbinger of a new age in Japanese theatre studies and will be considered a pivotal work in the future. The closing essay by editor Karen Brazell on 'the nature of noh' is a gem of insight and information. | 272 pages


  • Diagram of Stage Photographs
  • Foreword

From the Age of the Gods

  • Unoha (The Cormorant Plumes), translated by Jeanne Paik Kaufman
  • Miwa (Three Circles), translated by Monica Bethe

Love and Poetry in the Classical Era

  • Unrin'in (The Unrin Temple), translated by Earl Jackson, Jr.
  • Kakitsubata (The Iris), translated by  Susan Blakeley Klein
  • Saigyōzakura (Saigyo and the Cherry Tree), translated by Eileen Kato
  • Genji kuyō (A Memorial Service for Genji), translated by Janet Goff

Medieval Warriors, Women, and Demons

  • Ikarikazuki (The Anchor Draping), translated by J. Philip Gabriel
  • Yoshino Shizuka (Lady Shizuka in Yoshino), translated by Etsuko Terasaki
  • Ōeyama (The Demon of Oeyama), translated by H. Mack Horton

Follies and Foibles (Kyogen plays)

  • Bōshibari (Tied to a Stick), translated by Eileen Kato
  • Semi (The Cicada), translated by Carolyn Haynes
  • Hōshigahaha (The Baby's Mother), translated by Carolyn Haynes

Afterword On the Nature of Noh Karen Brazell

  • Notes on Contributors | Glossary of Japanese Noh Terms | Bibliography

  • "A noh collection to surpass all others ... the first major collection of translations which includes both necessary annotations and the various structural shodan." - The Japan Times 


  • Karen BRAZELL (1938-2012) was Goldwin Smith Graduate Professor of Japanese Literature and Theater, Cornell University; Series Editor of the Cornell East Asia Series and former Director of the East Asia Program. She was also founder and Director of the Global Performing Arts Consortium.

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