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Variations: Three Korean Poets

110 Variations
Translated by Brother ANTHONY of Taize and Young-moo KIM
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2001 Bilingual CEAS EditionThis book showcases the work of three major Korean poets born at fourteen-year intervals, in 1921, 1935, and 1949. Each has tried to renew Korean poetry by bringing it into closer contact with everyday speech, social issues, and ordinary people's lives. KIM SU-YOUNG was a major pioneer, first developing as a Modernist but then moving toward a poetry that addresses social issues and uses ordinary language. SHIN KYONG-NIM spent years living among the simple working people of rural Korea. Today LEE SI-YOUNG writes in a similar spirit about the pain and dignity of humble lives. In this bilingual volume, a wide selection of these three poets' most significant work is made available in English for the first time.


  • Brother Anthony (An Sonjae) was born in England in 1942. After studying at Oxford he joined the Community of Taize in France in 1969. He went to Korea in 1980 and has been professor in the English Department of Sogang University, Seoul, since 1985. His publications include translations of works by Ku Sang, Kim Kwang-kyu, and Yi Mun-yol, and he has received numerous literary awards.
  • Young-Moo KIM, author of many critical essays on modern Korean Literature, is professor of English at Seoul National University.

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