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Women and Millenarian Protest in Meiji Japan: Deguchi Nao and Omotokyo

61 WomenMillenarianProtest
Emily Groszos OOMS
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In this detailed analysis of the life and teachings of Deguchi Nao (1837-1918) and the religion she founded, Omotokyo, Emily Groszos OOMS expands and refines our understanding of women's roles in the creation of new modes of religious thought and action in Japan. Placing Nao within a broad historical context, Ooms also shows how women's experience and consciousness of rapid socio-economic change in late nineteenth-century Japan inspired new forms of resistance and protest. | 163 pages


  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction

Part 1 Kamigakari:  A Source of Tranformative Knowledge

Part 2 Experience and Consciousness: The Historical Context

  • The Life of Deguchi Nao
  • Conventional Morality and Economic Oppression in Late Nineteenth Century Japan
  • Folk Religion and Popular Protest: The Establishment of a Millenarian Cult 

Part 3 A New Vision of Reality: Structure and Content

  • Millenarianism Purity and Order

Part 4 Conclusion: Women and Gender in the New Religions

  • Glossary of Japanese Terms
  • Selected Bibliography 

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