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Publications: Cornell East Asia Series

The Cornell East Asia Series (CEAS)

Where East resides in the West …

Housed in the East Asia Program, the Cornell East Asia Series (CEAS) is an internationally known, award-winning scholarly press bringing quality scholarship and unique research by authors worldwide to scholarly audience and general readers. Since its inception in 1973 as a venue for publishing papers that were submitted to the East Asia Program, the Series has grown into its current status as a publisher with a scholarly reputation for quality, filling a niche for scholars seeking specialized academic titles. To date more than a hundred and seventy volumes have been published, with over one hundred and thirty titles in print and about two dozen titles available digitally and for free through the Cornell University Library (

What we publish

We publish on subjects relative to the cultures of East Asia, covering topics in history, culture and society, and translations of literary works. The series produces scholarly monographs, specialized textbooks, and well-integrated volumes of articles on China, Japan, and Korea (North and South). Up to eight new titles are published per year; with over 100 volumes in print and used as textbooks in colleges and universities across the globe. We invite authors to submit scholarly monographs, translations of literature and major work of literary criticism, social analysis, specialized textbooks, well-integrated volumes of essays. We actively seek works on translations of modern Japanese poetry.

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Annotated Japanese Literary Gems
Annotated Japanese Literary Gems


ANNOTATED JAPANESE LITERARY GEMS makes available representative examples of annotated Japanese short stories and novellas from Meiji to the present. The volumes provide rubi for nearly all kanji at first use. With its extensive annotations, the collection serves as a resource for students of modern Japanese literature and may also be used as an intermediate-to-advanced-language text. The volumes are printed Japanese-style, with pages ordered from right to left. 


New Japanese Horizons
New Japanese Horizons

A Literature-in-Translation Series, NEW JAPANESE HORIZONS aims to expand current knowledge of Japan's rich literary tradition in the English-speaking world by giving visibility to a wide range of historical experience and forms of expression. With this goal in mind, the Series seeks to provide quality translations of literary work from the classical period to the contemporary that are both of interest to a general audience and informative in an academic context. 


Cornell East Asia Series Online Titles
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CORNELL EAST ASIA SERIES ONLINE TITLES is a collection of online books, in searchable, downloadable format. These titles were originally published in the Cornell East Asia Series, many back when we were called the China-Japan Program and the series title was the East Asia Papers. Though of lasting literary and historical value, many of these titles have been long out of print and unavailable. We are very happy to make these works available again as a free online resource. The titles were selected by the CEAS faculty editorial board and were digitized with the permission of the individual authors. 


2018 CEAS publications catalogue
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