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191 Cover file
Author: Ihor Pidhainy, Roger Des Forges, Grace S. Fong, editors Publication Year: 2018 Publication Number: 191

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About the Editors

Ihor Pidhainy is Assistant Professor of History at University of West Georgia, whose research focuses on political, social, and intellectual history of China in the late imperial period (1300-1900).  ...

188 RedGhost_WhiteGhost
Author: Translated with Introduction by Masako INAMOTO Publication Year: 2018 Publication Number: 188

A New Japanese Horizons Series title

About the Translator

Masako Inamoto is Asian Studies Program Director and Associate Professor of Japanese at Skidmore College. Her teaching and research interests are in modern Japanese literature and language p...

192 Silvery World Anthol 1
Author: Edited, Annotated, and with Introductions by Michael J. Pettid Publication Year: 2018 Publication Number: 192

About the Author

Michael J. Pettid is Professor of Korean Studies at Binghamton University, New York.

About the Book

A new collection of translations of Korean fiction from the colonial period of the early twentieth century. The contents will introduce readers to works w...

Samurai Fringe
Author: Jeff E. Long Publication Year: 2018 Publication Number: 190

About the Author

Jeff E. Long is Professor of History at Bloomsburg University.

About the Book

Few events have symbolized the interwar Japanese intellectual community’s inability to put up a principled resistance to the Japanese government’s growing authoritarianism ...

189 Sangaku Reflections
Author: J. Marshall Unger Publication Year: 2018 Publication Number: 189

About the Author

J. Marshall Unger is Emeritus Professor of Japanese at Ohio State University. His research has focused on the history of Japanese, teaching Japanese as a second language, and writing systems of East Asia. Two of his books,  The Fifth Generation Falla...

Bentley Kokugaku Scholars
Author: Translated and Annotated by John R. Bentley Publication Year: 2017 Publication Number: 184

About the Translator

John R. Bentley is Professor of Japanese at Northern Illinois University.

About the Book

Kokugaku “national study” is an academic field of study that spans a number of disciplines, including philology, poetry, literature, linguistics, history, r...

187 GenderedLandscapes
Author: Translated and with Introduction by Yung-Hee Kim Publication Year: 2017 Publication Number: 187

About the Translator

Yung-Hee Kim is Professor of Korean literature in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Her publications include Questioning Minds: Short Stories by Modern Korean Women Writers and Readings in Modern Korean Literat...

186 Walley Good Dogs
Author: Glynne Walley Publication Year: 2017 Publication Number: 186

About the Author

Glynne Walley received an MA in Japanese Literature from Washington University in St. Louis in 2001 and a PhD in Japanese Literature from Harvard University in 2009.  His research interests involve popular literature and how it negotiates the requirements of industry an...

185 What Doc Overheard
Author: Translated, edited, with Prefaces and a Postface by Elizabeth Markham, Naoko Terauchi, and Rembrandt Wolpert Publication Year: 2017 Publication Number: 185

About the Editors

Elizabeth Markham  is Professor of History at University of Arkansas, researching music and culture in East Asia with a focus on court and temple arts in medieval Japan.

Naoko Terauchi  is Professor of Japaese Performing Arts at Kobe University, studying Jap...

183 Barbed Wire FrontCover
Author: Collected by Bishop D. McKendree Publication Year: 2016 Publication Number: 183

reissued 2016 (originally printed in 1995)

From the Foreword by David McCann:

"... Bishop McKendree’s gathering of songs and poems from the Japanese prisoner of war camps of World War II is a remarkable outcome to a brutal experience. ... The materi...

179 Negotiating Socialism WebCover
Author: Xiaojia HOU Publication Year: 2016 Publication Number: 179

About the Author

Xiaojia Hou is Assistant Professor of modern Chinese history at San Jose State University. 

About the Book 

This is the first monograph in English on how China's agricultural collectivization began. In 1953 the Chi...

182 Residue of Dreams FrontCover
Author: Nicholas Morrow Williams, ed. Publication Year: 2016 Publication Number: 182

About the Editor

Nicholas Morrow Williams is Assistant Professor in the School of Chinese of the University of Hong Kong. 

About the Book

The Residue of Dreams is the first English-language publication of the classical-style poems o...

180 Front Cover China at Crossroads
Author: Joseph W. Esherick and Matthew Combs, eds. Publication Year: 2015 Publication Number: 180

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About the book

In the grand narrative of modern Chinese history, 1943 is usually passed over with little notice. Great attention has been paid to critical watersheds in Chinese history—the end of the empire in 1911, the outbreak of full-scale war with Japan in 193...

173 PortraitSuburbanite
Author: Kim Eunju, trans. Publication Year: 2015 Publication Number: 173

This volume is a translation of Choi Seung-ja’s 1991 anthology titled Portrait of a Suburbanite . Published in the series of “100 Prominent Korean Poets” by Mirae Press, the poems in this volume were selected from four of Choi’s previous works titled, Love of This Age (1981), Merry Diary ...

178 reading wang wenxing
Author: Shu-ning Sciban and Ihor Pidhainy, eds. Publication Year: 2015 Publication Number: 178

This is the first book-length study of Wang Wenxing in English offering biographic, cultural, textual, literary, and linguistic readings of his work. The essays cover topics such as Wang’s writing principles, typology of characters, analysis of lexicon, employment of stream-of-consciousness, mu...

CEAS 175 Sangaku Proofs cover
Author: J. Marshall UNGER Publication Year: 2015 Publication Number: 175

During many decades of national isolation, a mathematical tradition called wasan flourished in Japan independently of the advances of Enlightenment mathematics and virtually unknown to Europeans before the Meiji Restoration. Yet the brilliance of its practitioners, the wasanka, would surely have ...

181 Stll Hear Wound Image
Author: Translations edited by Rebecca Jennison and Brett de Bary Publication Year: 2015 Publication Number: 181

Still Hear the Wound: Towards an Asia, Politics, Art To Come introduces English language readers for the first time to work by an emerging group of critics and artists addressing the legacies of colonial violence in present-day Japan. The volume contains translated essays, and an accompanying DV...

Weinstein Voices of Taiwanese Women cover
Author: John B. Weinstein, ed. Publication Year: 2015 Publication Number: 177

This anthology features three new translations representing an aspect of modern Asian drama as yet unavailable to readers in English: the community-based theaters of Taiwan, working in Chinese languages beyond Mandarin. Community theater (shequ juchang) contrasts with the more mainstream theater...

172 CapitalistDIlemma
Author: Sherman COCHRAN, ed. Publication Year: 2014 Publication Number: 172

  Sample chapter

How can capitalists’ motivations during a Communist revolution be reliably documented and fully understood? Up to now, the answer to this question has generally eluded scholars who, for lack of nonofficial sources, have fallen back on official explanations by the Comm...

170 Mao
Author: ZHU Dandan Publication Year: 2013 Publication Number: 170
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In Mao Zedong’s words, 1956 was a year of "big events," both at home and abroad. The "secret speech" delivered by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s Twentieth Congress had, according to Mao, "opened the lid" on t...