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Japanese Theatre And Noh

159 Like Clouds or Mists
Author: Elizabeth OYLER and Michael WATSON, eds. Publication Year: 2013 Publication Number: 159
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This volume is organized to roughly follow the order of events presented in the Kakuichi-bon variant of the Heike. Essays and translations focus on a series of major events from the Heike: Kiyomori’s rise (the “Giō” cycle of plays); Yoshinaka’s push to the capital; th...

163 Another Stage
Author: LIM Beng Choo Publication Year: 2012 Publication Number: 163
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Another Stage - Kanze Nobumitsu and the late Muromachi Noh Theater is a long overdue book-length study of the late Muromachi period noh practitioner Kanze Nobumitsu (1435 - 1516). In this three-part book, Lim highlights the importance of historical and societal contexts in wh...

161 Supernatural Beings
Author: Chifumi SHIMAZAKI and Stephen COMEE Publication Year: 2012 Publication Number: 161
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This long-awaited volume presents the fifth and final category of Noh plays, often called kiri-nō, or “ending Noh,” because they are staged last in a formal performance. This group comprises fifty of the most active and exciting of all plays in the Noh repertoire. The shi...

DVD Yamanba
Author: Monica BETHE & Karen BRAZELL Publication Year: 2009 Publication Number: DVD to Accompany CEAS 16 Noh As Performance

Created to accompany the text No As Performance: An Analysis of the Kuse Scene of Yamanba, by Monica Bethe and Karen Brazell. CEAS Volume No. 16.

This DVD presents an abbreviated performance of the Noh Play, YAMANBA, with Izumi Yoshio as Shite. Japanese and English subtitles, viewing run...

138 Visioning Eternity
Author: Thomas D. LOOSER Publication Year: 2008 Publication Number: 138
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This is the first Western language book on Edo period noh and its use by the shogun, an essential addition to the scholarship in Japanese theater and the cultural history of early modern Japan. In one of the more remarkable public events of the Tokugawa world, the shogun respo...

132 TracesInWay
Author: Noel J. PINNINGTON Publication Year: 2005 Publication Number: 132

Traces in the Way  is simultaneously a critical interpretation of the writings of noh playwright and thinker Komparu Zenchiku (1407–1470); a refutation of received views of Japanese traditional arts (michi); and an analysis of medieval Japanese uses of texts. The disciplinary approach is br...

118 Ominameshi
Author: Edited by Mae J. SMETHURST, Coedited by Christina LAFFIN Publication Year: 2003 Publication Number: 118

In an important and unique contribution to the study of noh, this volume includes, for the first time, essays on the subject of one noh play written by scholars from both sides of the Pacific Ocean in their own language, Japanese or English (with a summary of each contribution translated into the...

116 Return of Gods
Author: David G. GOODMAN Publication Year: 2003 Publication Number: 116

2003 Reprint edition

First published in 1988 and now available in a photo-reprint paperback edition, this book provides an important perspective on the theatre, culture, and politics of Japan in the 1960s. It contains translations of five plays representative of t...

111 Frozen Moments
Author: Samuel L. LEITER Publication Year: 2002 Publication Number: 111

A collection of fifteen essays written over nearly four decades by one of America’s best-known scholars of Japan’s kabuki  theatre. Illustrated with numerous photographs, prints, and line drawings, it includes an overview of  kabuki and its impact on world theatre, interviews with and biog...

97 Dramatic Representations
Author: Mae J. SMETHURST Publication Year: 1998 Publication Number: 97

Winner, 2001 Japan-US Friendship Commission Prize

This volume of five noh translations (containing an introduction, translations, short commentaries and a glossary) differs from most others in that none of the plays are of the mugenno type, but are instead genzaino, real-life noh. The pl...

51 FivePlays
Author: David G. GOODMAN, Editor Publication Year: 1995 Publication Number: 51

Kishida Kunio (1890-1954) has been touted as Japan's finest prewar playwright but few of his works have been translated into English. This volume brings together for the first time representative plays that span the entire course of Kishida's career, including in this expanded edition, a new tr...

76 Restless Spirits
Author: Chifumi SHIMAZAKI Publication Year: 1995 Publication Number: 76

The fourth-group Noh, so designated because they are performed fourth in a formal five-Noh program, includes almost one hundred plays, and is a group of great variety: some plays are supernatural or visional, others realistic; their leading characters include deities, demons, ghosts, mad people, ...

71 After Apocalypse
Author: David G. GOODMAN, translator Publication Year: 1994 Publication Number: 71

Plays by Hotta Kiyomi, Tanaka Chikao, Betsuyaku Minoru, and Satoh Makoto. Selected, translated, and introduced by David G. Goodman.

Written between 1955 and 1969, the four plays collected in this volume are the product of one of the most fertile periods in modern Japanese cultural histor...

40 LandVolcanicAsh
Author: Translated and introduced by David G. GOODMAN Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 40

Kubo Sakae's Land of Volcanic Ash (Kazanbaichi) is recognized as the major socialist realist drama of pre-war Japan. The play, which describes the struggles of a reform-minded intellectual in the Hokkaido countryside, is based on events surrounding the famine of 1934. It has been described not on...

62 TransformationMiraclesMischief
Author: Carolyn Anne MORLEY Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 62

This is the first English monograph on kyogen. Heretofore kyogen has only been treated in studies mainly concerned with noh. The originality of Morley's work historical treatment of kyogen is in the way that she illustrates how audiences, patrons, censors, and the noh tradition influenced the liv...

60 Warrior Ghost Plays
Author: Chifumi SHIMAZAKI Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 60

Translations of six shura (battle)-Noh that have for the main character the ghost of a warrior whose story is told in the Tale of Heike. Each Noh has a detailed introduction and footnote. | 240 pages


Preface Plan of a Noh Stage Yashima Michimori Tomoakira Yorimasa Kanehira ...
49 AnkokuButo
Author: Susan Blakeley KLEIN Publication Year: 1989 Publication Number: 49

A brief introduction to the history, philosophy, and techniques of the Japanese avant-garde dance movement, Ankoku Butô. Evoking images of grotesque beauty, revelling in the seamy underside of human behavior, Butô dance groups such as Sankai Juku and Dai Rakuda-kan have performed to wide crit...

50 TwelvePlays
Author: Edited by Karen BRAZELL and assisted by J. Philip GABRIEL Publication Year: 1988 Publication Number: 50

This remarkable anthology of plays is a harbinger of a new age in Japanese theatre studies and will be considered a pivotal work in the future. The closing essay by editor Karen Brazell on 'the nature of noh' is a gem of insight and information. | 272 pages


Diagram of Stage...
29 Dance in No Theater
Author: Monica BETHE and Karen BRAZELL Publication Year: 1982 Publication Number: 29

Free online edition

A comprehensive analysis of the fundamentals of no dance, its structure and patterns, and their correlation to music, text, costumes and props. Published in three interconnected volumes, it elucidates the inner workings of no dance on many levels.

Volume 1 Dance ...
16 NoAsPerformance
Author: Monica BETHE & Karen BRAZELL Publication Year: 1978 Publication Number: 16

Free online edition available at the following links:     |

An in-depth analysis of a single play discussing all performance aspects: poetry, music, dance, costum...