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New Japanese Horizons

188 RedGhost_WhiteGhost
Author: Translated with Introduction by Masako INAMOTO Publication Year: 2018 Publication Number: 188

One of the most significant, prolific, and beloved post-war writers in Japan, Kita Morio (1927–2011)was known by his literary persona, Dokutoru Manbô (Doctor Manbo), Kita was a remarkably versatile writer who produced both serious and comical works in a wide variety of genres.  The ...

169 OfBirdsCrying
Author: Michiko N. WILSON and Michael K. WILSON, trans. Publication Year: 2011 Publication Number: 160

A New Japanese Horizons Series title.

Of  Birds Crying ( Naku tori no , 1985), the recipient of the Noma Bungei Prize, is loosely based on the author’s own life, recounting six months in the lives of Yurie Mama, a well-established middle-aged novelist married to Shōzō, a scientist....

156 Single Sickness
Author: Lynne KUTSUKAKE, trans. Publication Year: 2011 Publication Number: 156

A New Japanese Horizons Series title. 

Single Sickness and Other Stories by Masuda Mizuko opens a window onto the intriguing fictional world of award-winning author Masuda Mizuko. Masuda explores themes of female subjectivity and biology, selfhood and autonomy, loneliness and desire, an...

157 Tanikawa cover
Author: Takako U. LENTO Publication Year: 2011 Publication Number: 157

A New Japanese Horizons Series title.

This extensive selection of Tanikawa Shuntaro's poetry reflects the full depth and breadth of his work, from his appearance as a fresh new voice to the mastery of his later poetry. It traces his artistic development and his shift in focus from man's c...

155 Indian Summer
Author: Tomoko AOYAMA and Barbara HARTLEY, trans. Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 155

A New Japanese Horizons Series title.

Indian Summer ( Koharu biyori ) is a relatively short novel by KANAI Mieko (b. 1947) who has been recognized by critics both inside and outside Japan as one of the most important Japanese writers of recent decades. The work brilliantly demonstrates ...