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Scholarly Publications

157 Tanikawa cover
Author: Takako U. LENTO Publication Year: 2011 Publication Number: 157

A New Japanese Horizons Series title.

This extensive selection of Tanikawa Shuntaro's poetry reflects the full depth and breadth of his work, from his appearance as a fresh new voice to the mastery of his later poetry. It traces his artistic development and his shift in focus from man's c...

152 Manchus
Author: Pei HUANG Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 152
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Making extensive use of Chinese, Japanese, Manchu, and Western sources, the author adopts a historical multifaceted approach to explore the various forces - geography, economics, frontier contacts, political and social institutions; language, literature and art; religion and C...

148 Holstein Cover
Author: John Holstein, trans. with commentary Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 148

2011 winner Korean Literature Translation Prize

A Moment's Grace presents short stories that depict the core of the process of Korea's modernization, from Liberation in 1945 to the Seoul Olympics in 1988. The stories here provide a view of the process through the eyes of ordinary people...

146 China on Margins
Author: Edited Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 146

Should modern Chinese history be approached from the center looking out or from the margins looking in? Confronted with contrasting views, it is worth asking what the relationship is between the center (or centers) ad the margins. Twelve contributors attempt to answer this question. The essays in...

144 Chinese Walls
Author: Roger DES FORGES, GAO Minglu, LIU Chiao-mei, Haun SAUSSY with Thomas BURKMAN, editors Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 144

Are walls remnants of ancient and medieval societies, destined to become anachronistic in modern and post-modern times? Or will they persist, shaping as well as adjusting to new conditions? Do walls necessarily constrain and even isolate those who live within them, or can they act as a medium of ...

145 Life Calling
Author: Hye-jin JUHN and George SIDNEY, trans. Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 145

This is a bilingual publication.

Yi Song-bok has been hailed as one of the most important contemporary South Korean poets. He has been credited by scholars and critics with having innovated a new poetic style that opened a fresh path for modernist poetry in Korea, and that strongly influe...

155 Indian Summer
Author: Tomoko AOYAMA and Barbara HARTLEY, trans. Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 155

A New Japanese Horizons Series title.

Indian Summer ( Koharu biyori ) is a relatively short novel by KANAI Mieko (b. 1947) who has been recognized by critics both inside and outside Japan as one of the most important Japanese writers of recent decades. The work brilliantly demonstrates ...

154 Making Law Work
Author: Mattias BURELL and Marina SVENSSON, eds. Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 154

By studying law implementation in different areas and at different levels, contributors from various disciplines give a nuanced picture of law implementation in China, showing that it is rare to find examples of complete success or failure. Instead, making law work in actual practice, and in any ...

151 Yanagibashi
Author: Matthew FRALEIGH, trans. Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 151

Winner of 2011 US-Japan Friendship Commission Prize

This book features complete annotated translations of Narushima Ryūhoku's two most widely read and influential texts, both of which showcase the innovative and experimental use of Chinese-language discourse taking place in Japan during...

149 Eve cover
Author: Translated by Sunyoung Park in collaboration with Jefferson J.A. Gatrall Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 149

About the Translator:

Sunyoung Park is Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures and Gender Studies at University of Southern California.

Translations of six classic stories from colonial Korea (1910-1945) as well as from the time of liberation (1945-1948). Each pie...

150 Washing Line
Author: Brother Anthony of Taize and Hyung-jin LEE, trans, Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 150

Kim Seung-Hee's poetry is usually described in Korea as "feminist," "subversive," and "surrealist ... ." Most important is the way her poetic voices differ radically from any other Korean poet's, male or female.  The distinctive energy, the rapid twists and unexpected turns of her poems have a l...

153 White Poppies
Author: Karen GERNANT & Zeping CHEN, trans. Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 153

In this riveting and poignant collection, Zhang Kangkang focuses on two major migrations in China. The first is that of the young educated youth who were sent “up to the mountains and down to the countryside” to learn from the peasants during the Cultural Revolution. The second is the large-s...

147 Years of Sadness
Author: WANG Lingzhen and Mary Ann O'DONNELL, trans. Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 147

This is a bilingual publication.

This anthology focuses on autobiographical works by Wang Anyi, the most prolific and critically acclaimed woman writer in contemporary China, highlighting a personal and emotional dimension of her writing that is essential to a deeper understanding of her ...

DVD Yamanba
Author: Monica BETHE & Karen BRAZELL Publication Year: 2009 Publication Number: DVD to Accompany CEAS 16 Noh As Performance

Created to accompany the text No As Performance: An Analysis of the Kuse Scene of Yamanba, by Monica Bethe and Karen Brazell. CEAS Volume No. 16.

This DVD presents an abbreviated performance of the Noh Play, YAMANBA, with Izumi Yoshio as Shite. Japanese and English subtitles, viewing run...

143 Biwa Singer
Author: Hugh de Ferranti Publication Year: 2009 Publication Number: 143
2010 Winner, Tanabe Hisao Prize in Musicology view sample chapter

This work is an exposition of the traditions of Japanese blind singers who accompanied themselves on the biwa, and of the complex identity of Yamashika Yoshiyuki (1901-1996), a man widely portrayed as the last such living relic of ...

137 Zongli Yamen
Author: Jennifer RUDOLPH Publication Year: 2008 Publication Number: 137

Negotiated Power in Late Imperial China: The Zongli Yamen and the Politics of Reform explores the nature and functioning of reform during the nineteenth century of China.  By analyzing the bureaucratic modes of management that developed around the creation and evolution of the Zongli Yamen or F...

139 Pursuit of Harmony
Author: Gustav HELDT Publication Year: 2008 Publication Number: 139

The Heian court of the late ninth and early tenth centuries represents one of the most innovative and influential periods in the history of Japanese poetry. It witnessed the creation of entirely new forms of verse in poetry matches, screen poems, and officially sponsored anthologies, none of whic...

142 secret island
Author: Edwin A. CRANSTON Publication Year: 2008 Publication Number: 142

In this volume the translator of poetry experiments with three different ways to present the results of his craft.  Professor Cranston arranges translations of fifty love poems in tanka form, ranging from the ancient chronicle Kojiki to the contemporary poet Tawara Machi, in an examination of de...

138 Visioning Eternity
Author: Thomas D. LOOSER Publication Year: 2008 Publication Number: 138
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This is the first Western language book on Edo period noh and its use by the shogun, an essential addition to the scholarship in Japanese theater and the cultural history of early modern Japan. In one of the more remarkable public events of the Tokugawa world, the shogun respo...

135 Annotated Vol 2
Author: Selected and edited by Kyoko SELDEN, with Jolisa GRACEWOOD and Lili SELDEN Publication Year: 2007 Publication Number: 135

This is the second volume of Annotated Japanese Literary Gems, which makes available representative examples of Japanese short stories and novellas from Meiji to the present. This multivolume set of books provides rubi for nearly all kanji at first use, along with extensive annotations. The colle...