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147 Years of Sadness
Author: WANG Lingzhen and Mary Ann O'DONNELL, trans. Publication Year: 2010 Publication Number: 147

This is a bilingual publication.

This anthology focuses on autobiographical works by Wang Anyi, the most prolific and critically acclaimed woman writer in contemporary China, highlighting a personal and emotional dimension of her writing that is essential to a deeper understanding of her ...

DVD Yamanba
Author: Monica BETHE & Karen BRAZELL Publication Year: 2009 Publication Number: DVD to Accompany CEAS 16 Noh As Performance

Created to accompany the text No As Performance: An Analysis of the Kuse Scene of Yamanba, by Monica Bethe and Karen Brazell. CEAS Volume No. 16.

This DVD presents an abbreviated performance of the Noh Play, YAMANBA, with Izumi Yoshio as Shite. Japanese and English subtitles, viewing run...

143 Biwa Singer
Author: Hugh de Ferranti Publication Year: 2009 Publication Number: 143
2010 Winner, Tanabe Hisao Prize in Musicology view sample chapter

This work is an exposition of the traditions of Japanese blind singers who accompanied themselves on the biwa, and of the complex identity of Yamashika Yoshiyuki (1901-1996), a man widely portrayed as the last such living relic of ...

137 Zongli Yamen
Author: Jennifer RUDOLPH Publication Year: 2008 Publication Number: 137

Negotiated Power in Late Imperial China: The Zongli Yamen and the Politics of Reform explores the nature and functioning of reform during the nineteenth century of China.  By analyzing the bureaucratic modes of management that developed around the creation and evolution of the Zongli Yamen or F...

139 Pursuit of Harmony
Author: Gustav HELDT Publication Year: 2008 Publication Number: 139

The Heian court of the late ninth and early tenth centuries represents one of the most innovative and influential periods in the history of Japanese poetry. It witnessed the creation of entirely new forms of verse in poetry matches, screen poems, and officially sponsored anthologies, none of whic...

142 secret island
Author: Edwin A. CRANSTON Publication Year: 2008 Publication Number: 142

In this volume the translator of poetry experiments with three different ways to present the results of his craft.  Professor Cranston arranges translations of fifty love poems in tanka form, ranging from the ancient chronicle Kojiki to the contemporary poet Tawara Machi, in an examination of de...

138 Visioning Eternity
Author: Thomas D. LOOSER Publication Year: 2008 Publication Number: 138
view sample chapter

This is the first Western language book on Edo period noh and its use by the shogun, an essential addition to the scholarship in Japanese theater and the cultural history of early modern Japan. In one of the more remarkable public events of the Tokugawa world, the shogun respo...

135 Annotated Vol 2
Author: Selected and edited by Kyoko SELDEN, with Jolisa GRACEWOOD and Lili SELDEN Publication Year: 2007 Publication Number: 135

This is the second volume of Annotated Japanese Literary Gems, which makes available representative examples of Japanese short stories and novellas from Meiji to the present. This multivolume set of books provides rubi for nearly all kanji at first use, along with extensive annotations. The colle...

136 Dynamics
Author: YI Tae-jin Publication Year: 2007 Publication Number: 136

This volume makes available for the first time in English a collection of the work of historian Yi Tae-Jin. Over the course of his career, he has done path-breaking research that covers virtually the entire Choson period (1392-1910) from the Koryo-Choson transition to the Kojong period and Korea'...

134 Handbook
Author: John Timothy WIXTED Publication Year: 2006 Publication Number: 134

Emerging from materials the author developed while teaching, A Handbook to Classical Japanese draws on twenty-five years of experience in addressing problem areas for those learning the language. The work deals with the central issue of classical language, namely, "verb"-endings: specifically, th...

133 Across the Perilous Sea
Author: Charlotte VON VERSCHUER, translated by Kristen LEE HUNTER Publication Year: 2006 Publication Number: 133

Originally published as  Le commerce extérieur du Japon des origines au XVIe siècle  in 1988, this new edition of the landmark French study chronicles Japan’s transformation from an importer of continental luxury items, raw materials, and techniques to an exporter of high-quality merchandi...

130 Annotated Volume 1
Author: Selected and edited by Kyoko SELDEN and Jolisa GRACEWOOD Publication Year: 2006 Publication Number: 130

The Cornell East Asia Series presents the first volume of Annotated Japanese Literary Gems, which makes available representative examples of annotated Japanese short stories and novellas from Meiji to the present. | 184 pages


PrefaceTawada Yoko

About Tawada Yoko Re...
131 Disarming Allies
Author: Michael G. MURDOCK Publication Year: 2006 Publication Number: 131

This study provides a striking new explanation of how China’s Nationalist Party (GMD) defeated its rivals in the revolution of 1922-1929 and helped bring some degree of unification to a country torn by class, regional, and ideological interests. Disarming the Allies of Imperialism argues that i...

129 Capital and Countryside
Author: Joan R. PIGGOTT, editor Publication Year: 2005 Publication Number: 129

This volume, edited by Joan Piggott (University of Southern California, Los Angeles), includes fourteen essays, originally written in Japanese and here interpreted in English. It introduces readers to a broader array of historical and archaeological research on center-periphery relations than has...

123 Conflict cover
Author: Edited by Tetsuo NAJITA and J. Victor KOSCHMANN Publication Year: 2005 Publication Number: 123

Reprint Edition with new cover

First published by Princeton University Press in 1982, this volume depicts the conflict and uncertainty that have bedeviled modern Japan. The eighteen contributors explore dissent, secession, and conflict first in the 1850s and 1860s, when the Tokugawa regi...

125 Dance of Butterflies
Author: Translated and edited by Judith N. RABINOVITCH and Timothy R. BRADSTOCK Publication Year: 2005 Publication Number: 125

The composition of Chinese poetry (kanshi) in the Japanese court dates to the mid-seventh century. During the Heian age (794-1185), kanshi emerged as one of two preeminent poetic genres employed by aristocrats, scholar-officials, and priests; over the centuries it developed into one of Japan's mo...

124 Deconstructing Nationality
Author: Edited by Naoki SAKAI, Brett DE BARY, and IYOTANI Toshio Publication Year: 2005 Publication Number: 124

How can a post-national Japanese Studies be defined? How might the postwar myth of a monoethnic Japan be historicized? Can new forms of nationalism be effectively criticized by evoking a spirit of nationalist democracy? This book contains a series of groundbreaking essays by major Japanese and Am...

132 TracesInWay
Author: Noel J. PINNINGTON Publication Year: 2005 Publication Number: 132

Traces in the Way  is simultaneously a critical interpretation of the writings of noh playwright and thinker Komparu Zenchiku (1407–1470); a refutation of received views of Japanese traditional arts (michi); and an analysis of medieval Japanese uses of texts. The disciplinary approach is br...

127 YiKwangSu
Author: Ann Sung-hi LEE Publication Year: 2005 Publication Number: 127

Yi Kwang-su   (1892-1950) was one of the pioneers of modern Korean literature. When the serialization of  Mujông (The Heartless) began in 1917, it was an immediate sensation, and it occupies a prominent place in the Korean literary canon.  The Heartless  is the story of a love triangle amon...

119 Metaphorical  Circuit
Author: Joseph A. MURPHY Publication Year: 2004 Publication Number: 119

Metaphorical Circuit argues that the division of knowledge between literature and science in the modern university produced a necessity to choose that became a central, animating tension for Japanese intellectuals in the early 20th century. Each chapter begins with a point in an author's work wh...