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Scholarly Publications

114 Dragons, Tigers, Dogs
Author: Edited by Robert J. ANTONY and Jane Kate LEONARD Publication Year: 2003 Publication Number: 114

Dragons, Tigers, and Dogs is a tightly focused collection of studies that explores how Qing governing institutions and strategies worked in actual practice to address the practical problems and needs of a regionally diverse and culturally complex empire from the seventeenth to the early twentiet...

112 EarlyOneSpring
Author: Pilwun Shih WANG and Sarah WANG Publication Year: 2003 Publication Number: 112

Adapted from the movie and screenplay of the same name by director Xie Tieli, this intermediate-advanced Chinese language film guide/reader helps students make the difficult transition from the simplified and fully explicated language of the textbook to the unglossed world of Chinese print cultu...

118 Ominameshi
Author: Edited by Mae J. SMETHURST, Coedited by Christina LAFFIN Publication Year: 2003 Publication Number: 118

In an important and unique contribution to the study of noh, this volume includes, for the first time, essays on the subject of one noh play written by scholars from both sides of the Pacific Ocean in their own language, Japanese or English (with a summary of each contribution translated into the...

116 Return of Gods
Author: David G. GOODMAN Publication Year: 2003 Publication Number: 116

2003 Reprint edition

First published in 1988 and now available in a photo-reprint paperback edition, this book provides an important perspective on the theatre, culture, and politics of Japan in the 1960s. It contains translations of five plays representative of t...

117 VisionPhoenix
Author: Translated with Introduction and Commentary by Yang Hi CHOE-WALL Publication Year: 2003 Publication Number: 117

 2005 Winner, Korean Literature Translation Award

"The strength of Choe-Wall's book is twofold: its presentation of the critical framework of traditional interpretation and the wealth of detail supplied in her commentary on the poems." - Acta Koreana | | 144 pages


111 Frozen Moments
Author: Samuel L. LEITER Publication Year: 2002 Publication Number: 111

A collection of fifteen essays written over nearly four decades by one of America’s best-known scholars of Japan’s kabuki  theatre. Illustrated with numerous photographs, prints, and line drawings, it includes an overview of  kabuki and its impact on world theatre, interviews with and biog...

99 HogenMonogatari
Author: William Ritchie WILSON Publication Year: 2001 Publication Number: 99

Reprint edition 2001 First published as a  Monumenta Nipponica  monograph in 1971, this impressive study chronicles the Hôgen Incident of 1156, the abortive coup d’état that marked the emergence of the military class as a political power in Japan. After being unavailable for years, this ph...

113 DivineIntervention
Author: Translated by Thomas D. CONLAN Publication Year: 2001 Publication Number: 113

In Little Need of Divine Intervention presents a fundamental revision of the thirteenth-century Mongol Invasions of Japan by revealing that the warriors of medieval Japan were capable of fighting the Mongols to a standstill without the aid of any divine winds or kamikaze. Conlan's interpretation...

109 JapanMuromachi
Author: Edited by John W. HALL and TOYODA Takeshi Publication Year: 2001 Publication Number: 109

1977, Reprint Edition 2001 The Muromachi age may well emerge in the eyes of historians as one of the most seminal periods in Japanese history. So concluded the participants in the 1973 Conference on Japan. The proceedings, as edited for this volume, reveal this new interpretation of the Muromach...

108 Japan's Renaissance
Author: Kenneth Alan GROSSBERG Publication Year: 2001 Publication Number: 108

1981, Reprint Edition 2001 First published in 1981, Japan's Renaissance is a detailed and exhaustively researched account of the regime of Japan's second shogunate, and also an agile comparative analysis of the political economy of the period with other Renaissance systems. The book argues that ...

110 Variations
Author: Translated by Brother ANTHONY of Taize and Young-moo KIM Publication Year: 2001 Publication Number: 110

2001 Bilingual CEAS EditionThis book showcases the work of three major Korean poets born at fourteen-year intervals, in 1921, 1935, and 1949. Each has tried to renew Korean poetry by bringing it into closer contact with everyday speech, social issues, and ordinary people's lives. KIM SU-YOUNG was...

107 Asian Regionalism
Author: Peter KATZENSTEIN, Natasha HAMILTON-HART, Kozo KATO, and Ming YUE Publication Year: 2000 Publication Number: 107

Regionalism is of growing relevance to the political economy of Asia-Pacific. In the wake of the Asian financial crisis, this timely volume investigates in four different chapters the dynamics of Asian regionalism during the 1980s and 1990s. Specifically, it focuses on Japanese and Chinese busine...

102 Charisma&Community
Author: S.A. THORNTON Publication Year: 1999 Publication Number: 102

This study demonstrates the value of the articulation in organizational studies of Weber's concept of charisma as a successful social relationship as well as that of a chosen career determined by culture and tradition. Indeed, the success of the Yugyo-ha was due to its ability...

105 FarmersDanceBilingual
Author: Translated by Brother ANTHONY of Taize and Young-moo KIM Publication Year: 1999 Publication Number: 105

1999 Bilingual DapGae/CEAS Edition Shin Kyong-Nim's first volume of poems, Farmers' Dance (Nong-mu), marked a major new step in the development of modern Korean poetry when it was published in 1973. The life of Korea's oppressed rural masses had never before been highlighted in such a manner. For...

103 Inventing Nanjing Road
Author: Edited by Sherman COCHRAN Publication Year: 1999 Publication Number: 103

The contributors to this collection of seven essays (plus an editor’s introduction and a comparative afterword) have framed debates about the construction of commercial culture in China. They all have agreed that during the early twentieth century China’s commercial culture was centered in th...

106 LivesInMotion
Author: Edited by Susan Orpett LONG Publication Year: 1999 Publication Number: 106

From the deathbed to the commuter railway station, from the marriage market to the fish market, from the baseball field to the grave, this volume explores the diversity of contemporary Japanese society by studying how people “compose” their families, their communities, and their own identitie...

23 NankingLetters
Author: Knight BIGGERSTAFF Publication Year: 1999 Publication Number: 23

1999 Reprint edition

First printed in 1979, this series of illuminating letters was written between April and August, 1949, describing Nanking before, during and immediately after the Communist takeover. The author was in China on a research fellowship at the time of the takeover. The re...

101 ProphetOtherStories
Author: Translated by Julie PICKERING Publication Year: 1999 Publication Number: 101
Yi Ch'ông-Jun  was born in 1939 and graduated from the department of German language and literature at Seoul National University in 1966. He has long been recognized as one of Korea's most prolific and demanding authors. Since his debut in 1965, he has enjoyed consistent critical and commercial su...
94 DayShine
Author: Translated and introduced by Wolhee CHOE and Peter FUSCO Publication Year: 1998 Publication Number: 94

Powerfully inventive poems of love in contemporary life by Chong Hyon-jong, one of the most respected poets writing in Korea. The novelty of his poetic language with its narrative lyricism and provacative philosophy makes it impossible to classify Chong's poetry, and yet it is a holder of traditi...

98 Korean Linguistics
Author: Edited by Ross KING Publication Year: 1998 Publication Number: 98

This volume brings together fifteen new papers on Korean linguistics originally presented at the Ninth International Conference on Korean Linguistics, 1994. Contributions range from phonetics and phonology, to syntax and grammaticalization, and address important theoretical issues from a wide var...