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Scholarly Publications

101 ProphetOtherStories
Author: Translated by Julie PICKERING Publication Year: 1999 Publication Number: 101
Yi Ch'ông-Jun  was born in 1939 and graduated from the department of German language and literature at Seoul National University in 1966. He has long been recognized as one of Korea's most prolific and demanding authors. Since his debut in 1965, he has enjoyed consistent critical and commercial su...
94 DayShine
Author: Translated and introduced by Wolhee CHOE and Peter FUSCO Publication Year: 1998 Publication Number: 94

Powerfully inventive poems of love in contemporary life by Chong Hyon-jong, one of the most respected poets writing in Korea. The novelty of his poetic language with its narrative lyricism and provacative philosophy makes it impossible to classify Chong's poetry, and yet it is a holder of traditi...

98 Korean Linguistics
Author: Edited by Ross KING Publication Year: 1998 Publication Number: 98

This volume brings together fifteen new papers on Korean linguistics originally presented at the Ninth International Conference on Korean Linguistics, 1994. Contributions range from phonetics and phonology, to syntax and grammaticalization, and address important theoretical issues from a wide var...

97 Dramatic Representations
Author: Mae J. SMETHURST Publication Year: 1998 Publication Number: 97

Winner, 2001 Japan-US Friendship Commission Prize

This volume of five noh translations (containing an introduction, translations, short commentaries and a glossary) differs from most others in that none of the plays are of the mugenno type, but are instead genzaino, real-life noh. The pl...

90 Early Lyrics
Author: Translated and Introduced by Brother Anthony of Taiz Publication Year: 1998 Publication Number: 90

This is a bilingual publication.

SO CHONG-JU, also known by the penname Midang, was born in Sonum village in the North Cholla Province of Korea, in 1915. His first poems were published in the late 1930s; his first collection of poems dates from 1941. The present volume contains the comple...

96 PrinciplesOfPoetry
Author: HAGIWARA Sakutaro Publication Year: 1998 Publication Number: 96

This work comprises the first complete English translation of Shi no Genri, one of the most important attempts at a theory of literature written in the modern period. HAGIWARA SAKUTARO (1886-1942) was not only an original poet but also a perceptive and lonely literary critic. This book, in his ow...

93 SnowFalling
Author: KIM Jong-Gil, translator Publication Year: 1998 Publication Number: 93

1998 English Language Edition 2000 Winner, Yeonam Prize

Kim Chun-Su is one of the most original poets in modern Korean poetry. He was influenced by Rilke for a while, but embarked on a series of his own poetic experiments culminating in what he cal...

100 Total War
Author: Edited by Yasushi YAMANOUCHI, J. Victor KOSCHMANN and Ryuichi NARITA Publication Year: 1998 Publication Number: 100

A product of international collaborative research, this collection of essays by scholars from Japan, North America and Europe illuminates the many important ways in which mobilization for total war in the 1930s and early-1940s laid the foundation for postwar democracy. The essays, all but two of ...

87 Kojiki Den
Author: Motoori NORINAGA Publication Year: 1997 Publication Number: 87

MOTOORI NORINAGA (1730-1801) believed that the intersection of time, language, meaning, and culture in the Kojiki had the power ro reveal the voice of archaic Japan. Japan's self-image was changed forever when Motoori's great commentary explicated its myth and song, thereby resurrecting an oral t...

85 Playing With Fire
Author: CHO Chong-Rae Publication Year: 1997 Publication Number: 85

In this work, the smoldering hatred of the Korean War period resurfaces decades later in the form of a ruthless quest for justice. The main character, a successful Seoul businessman, has a secret past: unknown to his wife and son, he once led another life under another name as a ruthless communis...

88 SendingShipOutToStars
Author: Chang Soo KO Publication Year: 1997 Publication Number: 88

1997 English Language Edition

PARK JE-CHUN is a major poet in Korea today. His works are marked by a poetic imagination and a sensibility which draw largely on Korean Buddhist and Taoist traditions, as well as Korean classical literature. Though he is widely read in the Oriental classics ...

80 KoreanAdoption
Author: Mark A. PETERSON Publication Year: 1996 Publication Number: 80

The cases in Korean adoption and inheritance reveal steps in the transition called Confucianization that took place mostly in the seventeenth century. The transition from partible inheritance, equally divided between sons and daughters, to primogeniture; the attempt to use soja as heirs; the move...

77 BacktoHeaven
Author: Translated by Brother Anthony of Taize Publication Year: 1995 Publication Number: 77

1995 English Language Edition

These poems by the happiest man in the world are full of light though written in dark times. Ch'on Sang Pyong had the art of seeing the beauty of life beyond all the pain, and of putting it into the music of words. Recently, many young Koreans have discovered...

51 FivePlays
Author: David G. GOODMAN, Editor Publication Year: 1995 Publication Number: 51

Kishida Kunio (1890-1954) has been touted as Japan's finest prewar playwright but few of his works have been translated into English. This volume brings together for the first time representative plays that span the entire course of Kishida's career, including in this expanded edition, a new tr...

72 InformalEmpire
Author: Martyn P. ATKINS Publication Year: 1995 Publication Number: 74

The Inspector-General of the Chinese Maritime Customs Service was, without doubt, the highest-ranking foreigner in the Chinese Government. His position at the heart of China's fiscal, commercial and mercantile systems was crucial to the continued prosperity of the foreign business community in Sh...

76 Restless Spirits
Author: Chifumi SHIMAZAKI Publication Year: 1995 Publication Number: 76

The fourth-group Noh, so designated because they are performed fourth in a formal five-Noh program, includes almost one hundred plays, and is a group of great variety: some plays are supernatural or visional, others realistic; their leading characters include deities, demons, ghosts, mad people, ...

78 SingingLikeCricket
Author: Translated by Kevin O'ROURKE Publication Year: 1995 Publication Number: 78

KYU-BO YI (1168-1241), the greatest of the classical Korean poets, was born into a very turbulent period of history, when the Koryo kingdom was threatened from the north by barbarians and from within by the ongoing struggle for supremacy among the various factions. His poems, confessional and tra...

81 Lioness Roars
Author: Yenna WU Publication Year: 1995 Publication Number: 81

This anthology offers translations of seven stories and one novella from the 17th and 18th centuries, with a critical introduction and bibliography. To date there are no translations from the premodern period which focus exclusively on women, let alone the image of the shrew. These stories are am...

83 NakedTree
Author: Translated by YU Young-nan Publication Year: 1995 Publication Number: 83

Reprinted with new cover.

A coming-of-age novel set during the Korean War, by PARK Wan-Suh, one of Korea's leading contemporary writers. The award-winning author of more than twenty novels, and numerous short stories and essays, Park often deals with the themes of Korean War tragedies, mi...

71 After Apocalypse
Author: David G. GOODMAN, translator Publication Year: 1994 Publication Number: 71

Plays by Hotta Kiyomi, Tanaka Chikao, Betsuyaku Minoru, and Satoh Makoto. Selected, translated, and introduced by David G. Goodman.

Written between 1955 and 1969, the four plays collected in this volume are the product of one of the most fertile periods in modern Japanese cultural histor...