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Scholarly Publications

69 HanSorya
Author: Brian MYERS Publication Year: 1994 Publication Number: 69

This first and only study of North Korean literary history by a Western scholar deals with the crucial role played by Han Sôrya, chairman of the D.P.R.K.'s Federation of Literature and Art from 1948 to his purge in 1962, both in devising the iconography of Kim Il Sung's personality cult and in ...

70 Economic Transformation
Author: Thomas P. LYONS & Victor NEE, editors Publication Year: 1994 Publication Number: 70

The emergence of the South China regional economy, comprised of the southeastern coastal provinces of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, is analyzed in this timely and important collection of essays. | 304 pages



Institutional Change and Regional Growth ...

67 BackedAgainstSea
Author: Translated by Edward GUNN Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 67

Written as the ludicrous and disturbing ramblings of an errant, pseudo-intellectual urbanite secluding himself from the underworld in an impoverished coastal village of Taiwan in the early 1960's, this novel prompted the first critical discussion of postmodernism in Chinese fiction and still stan...

62 From Yalta to Panmunjom
Author: HUA Qingzhao Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 64

"From Yalta to Panmunjom is a remarkable history of the early postwar world from the spring of 1945 to the beginning of 1953, as seen through a pair of Chinese eyes. ... The scope of this book, with its candid revelations of Chinese actions and motivations, based on material often unavailable t...

58 DefendingState
Author: Peter J. KATZENSTEIN and Nobuo OKAWARA Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 58

Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Prize Winner 1994

Japan's National Security offers a detailed examination of Japan’s distinctive security policy.  It traces in considerable detail the evolution of Japan’s approach to the economic, political and military dimensions of national structures o...

65 Kitahara Hakushu
Author: Margaret B. FUKASAWA Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 65

With a foreword by Donald Keene.

The first full-length work in English on Kitahara Hakushu (1885-1942), a leading poet of modern Japan. In addition to a thorough recounting of the poet's life and times, the author provides numerous translations of Hakushu's poems and excerpts from his cri...

40 LandVolcanicAsh
Author: Translated and introduced by David G. GOODMAN Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 40

Kubo Sakae's Land of Volcanic Ash (Kazanbaichi) is recognized as the major socialist realist drama of pre-war Japan. The play, which describes the struggles of a reform-minded intellectual in the Hokkaido countryside, is based on events surrounding the famine of 1934. It has been described not on...

66 StrangeTales
Author: Edited with an Introduction by Kam LOUIE Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 66

A powerful depiction of the tensions generated by conflicts of sexuality and ethnicity in contemporary China. These tensions evolved partly from the sense of estrangement from Chinese culture felt by many in the post-Mao era. As a means to understanding this crisis, some of the best writers in th...

59 Role of Central Banking
Author: Carsten A. HOLZ Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 59

"A thoroughly researched study of the banking system from 1978 to early 1990." -- Australian Journal of Chinese Affairs   | 236 pages


Introduction: The Monetary System in the Context of Economic Reform      1 Change i...

56 ToAchieveSecurity&Wealth
Author: Edited by Jane Kate LEONARD and John R. WATT Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 56

The studies in this collection re-examine the role of the Qing state in the private economy. They show in a variety of cases how the interaction between the two helped the state achieve its goals of social stability and security while enhancing the prosperity of private economic interests. | 206 ...

62 TransformationMiraclesMischief
Author: Carolyn Anne MORLEY Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 62

This is the first English monograph on kyogen. Heretofore kyogen has only been treated in studies mainly concerned with noh. The originality of Morley's work historical treatment of kyogen is in the way that she illustrates how audiences, patrons, censors, and the noh tradition influenced the liv...

60 Warrior Ghost Plays
Author: Chifumi SHIMAZAKI Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 60

Translations of six shura (battle)-Noh that have for the main character the ghost of a warrior whose story is told in the Tale of Heike. Each Noh has a detailed introduction and footnote. | 240 pages


Preface Plan of a Noh Stage Yashima Michimori Tomoakira Yorimasa Kanehira ...
61 WomenMillenarianProtest
Author: Emily Groszos OOMS Publication Year: 1993 Publication Number: 61

In this detailed analysis of the life and teachings of Deguchi Nao (1837-1918) and the religion she founded, Omotokyo, Emily Groszos OOMS expands and refines our understanding of women's roles in the creation of new modes of religious thought and action in Japan. Placing Nao within a broad histor...

55 Psychoanalysis in China
Author: Jingyuan ZHANG Publication Year: 1992 Publication Number: 55

A historical and bibliographical study of the reception and interpretation of Freud's ideas in China and an analysis of the use of these ideas in literature and literary criticism. Combining original historical research with a sensitivity to the interpretive issues raised by both fictional and ex...

54 Deathsong of River
Author: Translated by Richard W. BODMAN and Pin P. WAN Publication Year: 1991 Publication Number: 54

Perhaps the most daring TV documentary series ever produced in mainland China, which directly affected the thinking of Chinese youth on the eve of the 1989 democracy movement. This richly annotated translation of the original filmscript by SU Xiaokang and WANG Luxiang puts the series in its intel...

53 DefendingJapaneseState
Author: Peter KATZENSTEIN & Yutaka TSUJINAKA Publication Year: 1991 Publication Number: 53

Based on extensive interviewing and documentary analysis, Defending the Japanese State offers the most extensive English-language analysis available of the organizational structures and normative foundations that have shaped Japan's security policy as it was challenged by terrorists and violence-...

52 Ode to Stone
Author: Translated by James MORITA Publication Year: 1990 Publication Number: 52

Coming from the country where short, concise poetry is celebrated, Hara Shiro's Ode to Stone is an unusually lengthy contribution to modern Japanese poetry. A recent winner of the Gendai Shijin Sho, this poem is regarded by some as having an epic quality that rivals some the great poetry of the t...

49 AnkokuButo
Author: Susan Blakeley KLEIN Publication Year: 1989 Publication Number: 49

A brief introduction to the history, philosophy, and techniques of the Japanese avant-garde dance movement, Ankoku Butô. Evoking images of grotesque beauty, revelling in the seamy underside of human behavior, Butô dance groups such as Sankai Juku and Dai Rakuda-kan have performed to wide crit...

48 BungoManual
Author: Helen Craig McCULLOUGH Publication Year: 1988 Publication Number: 48

1988 Reprint Edition

This small handbook is designed primarily as a reference tool for students of classical Japanese (bungo) who possess a working knowledge of the modern language. The first of its two main sections discusses suffixes attached to each of the verbal bases recognized by J...

50 TwelvePlays
Author: Edited by Karen BRAZELL and assisted by J. Philip GABRIEL Publication Year: 1988 Publication Number: 50

This remarkable anthology of plays is a harbinger of a new age in Japanese theatre studies and will be considered a pivotal work in the future. The closing essay by editor Karen Brazell on 'the nature of noh' is a gem of insight and information. | 272 pages


Diagram of Stage...