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Spring 2020

Michael Hathaway | Anthropology | Simon Fraser University
Mushroom vendors sit by their wares in an open market in China

February 10 Transforming More-than-human Economies in Southwest China 

Watch the full lecture here:

Mindi Schneider | Sociology | Wageningen University
The corpse of a pig is being removed on a trolly while farm workers in masks and sterile robes toss sanitizing powder on it

February 17 The Pork Fix: African Swine Fever and the Opportunity of Crisis in China's Pork Industry

Anna Ahlers | China studies | Max Plank Institute for the History of Science
Woman with face mask stands alone in the smog and traffic in China

March 9 Governing the Airpocalypse-Insights from China's 'War on Smog'

Emily Yeh | Geography | University of Colorado
Tibetan monks on a motor bike ride along a long rural road with mountains rising in the background

March 16  Shielding the Mountains: Environmentalism and Articulations of Nature in Tibet

Bin Xu | Sociology | Emory University
Chinese people protest in wake of the Sichuan earthquake

April 20  The Politics of Compassion: The Sichuan Earthquaker and Civic Engagement in China