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EAP Statement of Inclusion

Cornell East Asia Program

In light of the recent rise of exclusionist rhetoric in the U.S. national discourse, the director of the East Asia Program would like to reassure our partners – locally, nationally, and internationally – that the East Asia Program remains deeply committed to diversity, inclusivity, and public-spirited critical inquiry. We continue to strive to create a tolerant and humane environment within which scholars, students, artists, community members, and others are safe, feel welcome, and are free to express themselves, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, race, nationality, or religious or political beliefs. We maintain that the University as a whole can be a safe haven for civility and inclusiveness, even when society at large may lose sight, however briefly, of the benefits of these values.

Regarding the recent U.S. immigration situation, see the Cornell University Updates on the U.S. immigration order: news and resources.