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Travel Grants

The East Asia Program supplements the Mario Einaudi Center International Research Travel Grants (international airfare only) with its own travel grants established in support of graduate student field research in East Asia. These supplementary grants pay for research and living costs for short-term field research. Awards range from $500USD to $2,000USD, and are not intended to replace full semester Graduate Area Studies Fellowships. 

The EAP travel grants are:

  • Hu Shih Memorial Award (for Travel to Taiwan)

  • Lam Family Award (for South China Research)

  • Japan Research Travel Grant

  • China Travel Grant (Mainland and Tibet)

  • Korea Travel Grant

EAP does not run an independent travel/field research grant application process. The East Asia Program, in collaboration with the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, co-sponsors the annual Einaudi International Research Travel Grant competition. Interested students only have to fill out ONE online application at To be considered for EAP funding sources, please select "East Asia Program" under the "Reviewing Program" portion of the application. The Travel Grant application process typically opens in mid-November of each year, and closes around the 15th of the following February. Funds are dispersed beginning in the following May, depending on expected travel dates.

Any given International Research Travel Grant award may consist of either an Einaudi Center or an EAP travel/field research grant, or both. The Einaudi Center portion of the award typically supports your international airfare; the EAP portion (if any) can either provide additional funding for your field research (subsistence) and/or to supplement international airfare.

Applications must be submitted electronically. Paper applications will not be accepted. For additional information on the International Research Travel Grant, please contact the Einaudi Center by emailing

Cornell travelers should take note of the travel assistance services provided by MEDEX, including pre-travel information, emergency services, and medical assistance. For more information, please refer to this article.

NOTE: EAP is now requesting a post-funding report from all awardees, due within 30 days of the end of the term that you utilized the funding.  Guidelines for that report can be found at the bottom of the page here.